Rumor: Samsung, Schneider – Kreuznach and Alpa to create the first, fully digital, medium format camera system

Alpa 12 TC

After the rumor that Canon wants to move to medium format territories, we now have three other companies (Samsung, Schneider - Kreuznach and Alpa) that reportedly want to create a photographic Association (SSA) and produce the first fully digital, medium format camera system. Here the Google translation:

Foundation benefits
A kind of noise caused by many large companies the agreement between the three incoming. The agreement will create a high-end photographers, photo artists and creators to create the new system.
Samsung, Schneider - Kreuznach finishing and Alpa is a big deal to create a photographic Association (SSA) to create the first fully digital, medium format camera system.
Samsung Electronics, Mr. President, Secretary Department of Justice Park said: "Each company in each of the consortium of professional and high quality system for the medium format of the sensitive components of the professional, we have completed the first medium-format CMOS sensor, and the first model electronic components. "
Schneider Optics CEO Dwight Lindsey said: "To our actual Alpa lens system will fit with the new system, we have taken the same mount, but we are working on a new formula for the optical system and fully electronic oriented. "
In fact, we do not have information, or in this new system will be published.
They are talking about a new system, MF CMOS sensor and Schneider lenses.

Photofan via PentaxForums

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  • Guys and the Rollei Hy6 system ? first at leaf and sinar and so on and so one, wasn’t that the first ? or i don’t know the Hartblei cam ? or the Sinar M, or the Leica S2 ? or the Mamiya ZD body ? or the Sinar Artec ? I can go on for hours.. so the first ? mhm ? didn’t think so

    • Anonimouse

      And Pentax too, right?


    I really need a 2K 30MP digital back for my Bronica GS-1. I dont care about autofocusing etc… just need a big new sensor to match my system & tack sharp lenses.

  • Lorenzo

    Leica S system was planned solely and entirely for the digital technology. I hope that we are not going to hear the “me first!” song every time a new player enters the MF contest…

    • leica S2 might not technically be considered MF , MF usually implies atleast a frame size of 645 or bigger, thats if you wanna get technical i guess. But still the Phase p65 back is true 645 size so…..

      maybe there refering to the fact that every component will be designed for digital, instead as with the other systems where your still using film lenses and sometimes bodies on digital backs, but then theres the leica again….

  • Nobody Special

    Can’t think of many (any) photographers I know that feel the need to dump mega-dollars into mega-more-pixels.

    Aren’t there just about enough medium format companies now. In fact, the numbers have dropped instead of gone up. Can’t perceive reasons for another – hey whatever they think they can pull-off.

    But prices are a joke – for most of us – when in years past, a film system was much more approachable. I think most companies have yet to say or do anything addressing the cost and short-term nature of the bodies they produce……3-4 years of tech life is an irresponsible product life-span turn-around.

  • Jaja

    na ja, maybe they will later understand that being DIGITAL ONLY, or even worse, NOT UPGRADEABLE (like Leica S2) is actually a LIMIATION, not advantage.
    Only digital only MF system i would consider is cheap rangefinder with 80mm f2.8 lens and viewfinder (can be electronic), native ISO50.

  • John Bowen

    A digital version of the Fuji GA645 series is something I would pay quite handsomely for, as long as the sensor was a minimum of 24MP and was full size. Live view would be nice on a such a beast, but not a necessity.

    I would actually go into debt (not something I am currently up for) to purchase such a camera if it had interchangeable lenses and a 3 layer sensor. Fuji, after all, is developing a three layer sensor.

    • this i support, id be willing to pay 5 – 10 grand for such a camera and use it for most of my uses. Basically what id be willing to give leica but a tiny bit more.

  • @ nobody special, actually Medium format Digital backs, are now not that expensive for prof use… It depends for what you want to use it… , My clients for example ask me to upgrade to bigger, i now have 33mpix , we will upgrade to 65mpix cause my clients ask me, Also you realy see and feel the difference by working with such a “better” camera, in workflow, in quality and so on..

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