New Ricoh GXR body with rotating LCD, Pentax K-mount GXR unit

Soem readers asked me why I did not cover Pentax in my  CES coverage last week. The problem was that Pentax was part of the PMA@CES exhibition that was at a different location and was surprisingly quiet - there were only 3 people at the Pentax booth when I got there.

The Ricoh/Pentax news from CES is that Ricoh may launch a new GXR body with variable-angle LCD and a Pentax K-mount GXR unit.


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  • Mark

    It’s a very boring time to be a Pentax customer. Why did I switch from Canikon again? I mean their prime lenses are stellar but if they’re going to just ignore the prosumer market then I have no reason to be their customer.

  • jarda

    The unit won’t be very small if they keep the registration distance… I’d rather stick to the OVF forever on

  • Hope the new GXR body will be available soon
    they also need an improved external EVF


  • In my opinion, Ricoh GXR A12-M is a current star of GXR system. Ricoh, take notice!

    People want affordable, high quality M mount compatible body. By going SLR lens route you end up with a physically long lens (you need to add space where mirror box was) and negate most of the advantages of a small body.

    So I repeat again – make a full frame EVF M mount GR-M camera and price it in a sub $2K bracket. I would buy one, and so would everyone else who can’t swallow Leica price tag.

    • Mark

      By “people” you mean people with M lenses. Nobody is going to spend the 2.5K on a Ricoh GXR with a full frame sensor and an M mount… Haven’t you noticed that even the M9 isn’t that great? Full frame for M isn’t quite there yet. If it was I’m sure the Fuji XP-1 would have been full frame, but it’s not, it’s APS-C…which is going to be awesome with the lenses their developing for it.

      • Jean Louchet

        “Full frame for M isn’t quite there yet”, Mark, are you kidding? The M9 _is_ full frame (24mmx36mm), the M8 was smaller (APS-H, 18x27mm ie a 1.33 focal length correction factor) and the GXR is still smaller (APS-C, like the late Epson RD-1) with a factor 1.5 and 4:3 image proportions. The difficulty with FF for M is the cost of microlenses to correct the incoming light obliquity.
        Otherwise, Ricoh’s idea of a tilt sensor is fantastic. First, it is way better than ’tilt lenses’ which actually mix up tilt and shift: rotating the sensor allows _pure_ tilt, which means (on first order Taylor development) no perspective correction but control of the focusing plane. This is a function that needs an EVF and can’t be done on a RF like the M8 or M9.

        • camerman

          Full frame m9 is almost 10 grand after tax. and if the m9 was so great then why do so many people use m lenses on other digital Af bodies? Of course , those people will say that a nex body with m lens isn’t as expensive as an m9 body. That’s not quite true because anyone who can afford m lenses should have no worries about affording an 8 grand camera. I work in a camera store…most people can’t even fathom spending past the thousand dollar mark, and if they will be for a canon or nikon dslr.
          Making a FF digital camera isn’t hard and doesn’t have to be expensive, neither is getting a lens system for that camera going. The problem is that so many people cry for the most MP, the fastest aperture lenses, the best build, that invariably the cameras end up costing too much for the 99% of camera consumers. IMO full frame will be “there” when it hits the sub one thousand dollar margin. but then again, most ppl who cry for such a camera would not want to be seen with a 8mp FF camera with a moderate speed lens for under 1000 usd.
          some people want the perfect camera, the perfect lens. That’s why cameras are introduced year after year, with lenses being replaced every so many years even though the ones they replaced were fine. Women have their purses, men have their cameras. Who ever said that men were not vain as women? LOL

  • Camaman

    They plan to grow in dslr market? Loool! Bette sell those Pentax stocks!
    Dslr market is dying. Most massive consumer base is going mirrorless.
    Wake up!

  • I’ve been expecting this body since the M-module was rumoured.

  • JG10

    They can’t compete in the DSLR market. They need to focus on mirrorless. They shouldn’t say that- don’t want to piss off existing DSLR customers. But the handwriting is on the wall.

    • fgz540

      i think mirrorless is useless in the current lineup (nex nx etc.) nice camera’s when u use little mm but when u put on 200 mm lens u get a pack of sigarettes with a bottle NO DECENT GRIP.

      there is a market for small good camera’s but as long as the telelenses are that big the size issue is just plain dumb, u still need a bag for ur lenses

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