Sony announcement on September 13th, 2010?

Sony sent out press invitations in Europe for a product announcement on September 13th, 2010. This seems to be DSLR related, probably the expected four new camera bodies.

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  • guy villeneuve

    sony is best placed to make the CONTAX G2 comeback and this is the camera that would be need especially in ff digital. the lenses are top and priced not exagerated like leica and would give a good run for thew money, I AM VERY SURPRISED THEY DON T GIVE A SECOND LIFE TO CONTAX ESPECIALLY THAT THE CAMERAS WOULD HAVE A VIEWFINDER..even with a zoom. since ZEISS & SONY sleep together they might as well get married…

    • Eric Pepin

      um.. if I remember correctly contax is owned by kyocera who bought it from Zeiss, so no dice there unless they bought the rights back. Also sony released there horrible 4/3’s copy but only worse with horrid lenses and bad controls, so any pro contax like body is not happening.

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