Sinar with a new digital back at Photokina 2010

One of Sinar's current digital back models - the eMotion 75 LV

Rumors from small manufacturers are rare, so I really enjoyed receiving this one even though there was not much information provided: Sinar will present a new high-end multishoot digital back at Photokina. It will have a roller ball selector, screen and new, more intuitive menu system.

If you have any information about an upcoming, photography related product, please contact me.

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  • gotta love that sinar logo………. im sure the back will be sweet and worth more then a mustang.

  • Axel

    Great, another MF back I can’t afford.

  • disco


  • jeorcal

    another DB new and already 10 years too old

    • how come? does really anything except photo quality matters?

      75Mpix godness?

  • yummy 75Mpixel? Hopefully mamiya mount available!

  • Kenji


    Great, 1st you spend tons of $$$ on it.

    Then they tell you, in order for it to work, you need to spend more on accessories…coz with sinar, ITS A “modular” system….wooo yaaa….

    After that, you will spend more time trying to get its UNSTABLE software to work, instead of actually shooting with it…..after countless “UNexpected Quit” for the program with yr high end workstation.

    So you go to their tech support and ask for help, who request you to update to their NeVeR ending “software updates” to fix the issues…..after which….”the bugs remain and MORE bugs arrives with new updated software. Hurray!!!

    ISO 200……wooo… colorful noise everywhere……….

    Btw, 75 does not mean 75Mp…. its 7000x 5000pixel…( its marketing), but you only get 33mp!

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