Pentax K-5 and K-r specs

Pentax K-5 - new Pentax flagship model:

  • 16 Megapixel Sensor
  • Maximum expanded ISO of 25600
  • 7 frames per second
  • To be officially announced on September 20th
  • To be released in October, 2010
  • $1600 suggested retail price
  • Serious-amateur/professional use

Pentax K-r:

  • 12 Mexapixel Sensor
  • 6 frames per second
  • Up to 120 color combinations: 10 body colors, and 12 grip colors
  • To be officially announced in September
  • To be released in October, 2010
  • $875 suggested retail price
  • Into-level DSLR


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  • Yianni

    Can’t wait for the K-r!

    Hopefully it fixes all the little quirks of the K-x such as the AA’s [I personally don’t like AA’s], focus points in the viewfinder, the so called mirror slap blur issue and so on…

    The K-r could be a winner if street price isn’t that much more than the K-x.

  • yawn…. the color idea is super lame. There were some terrible K-x color schemes.

  • I disagree with the Into-level DSLR and serious amateur labels. I think they should be labelled ‘for people with lots of money’ and ‘for people who dont have enough money’ instead.’

    • Global

      Neither is a lot of money for a DSLR. Good on Pentax for being a strong alternative to Nikon and Canon. Not sure how to place Sony exactly.

  • MK

    they love holding out on the most important issue… will K-R be weather resistant? they are charging much more than K-X. not asking for much but i will be satisfied if they release an underwater rated DSLR.

  • jeorcal

    one more looser camera

    • addi

      yeap, kiss your canikon and say goodnight!

    • jeorcal

      I’ll prefer to kiss something else than Canon or Nikon but, unfortunately, there is nothing upcoming

  • Those images were created by a PentaxForum member – I think I covered them few months ago. There is a good chance however, that Pentax will show a new EVIL camera at Photokina, maybe under glass – they made multiple statements about that:

  • bob

    I want a rainbow colored Pentax.

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