More Samsung NX100 pictures

This thread just showed up on dpreview with a picture and a diagram of the upcoming Samsung NX100:

click on diagram for larger view

Some additional Samsung NX100 specs:

  • (WxHxD) 120.5 × 71 × 34.5 mm
  • Weight: 282gr
  • No built-in flash
  • Fixed 3" 920k AMOLED screen


  • The new GN15 flash and EVF would cost around $100 or less.
  • The price of the NX100 + 20-50mm would be between $549-599.
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  • John

    AMOLED, not LCD

  • camaman

    Looks pretty awesome!
    Too bad no built in EVF.
    Even more sad is the fact it will be 204k pixels only. that EVF is worth $25 MAX!

    • Kevin

      Seems like you’re after the Samsung NX-10.

  • Young

    The new GN15 flash and EVF would cost around $100 or less.
    The price of the NX100 + 20-50mm would be between $549-599

    • thanks, I update the post with that info.

  • Gee another LCD only entry level camera

    more of the same

    the first company which is going to address a more advanced clientele is going to be racking lots of sales
    Panasonic, Olympus and Samsung have clearly decided to ignore that market segment.. at least for now
    Hope Nikon and/or Pentax are going to be more daring
    for the time being my Ricoh GXR is still the best contender. especially when they get that 28mm APS module



    • Kevin

      Pansonic G1, GH1, G2, G10
      Samsung NX-10
      All these cameras use the same mount and accessories as their “LCD only” counterparts and offer viewfinders, more substantial grips, and built-in flashes. What kind of alternatives were you dreaming of?

  • Carlos R B

    No IS in the new lens?………..

  • Camaman

    Ricoh GXR?
    Its a novelty! Give them that…

  • Peter

    This is great, APS-C, the size of the NEX… but i think, no… i’m sure it will have more external controls than the damn NEXes, so it’ll be quite a bit more usefull! 🙂

  • shinkp

    The camera is no beauty but I love this little lens. I expect that no one will buy this camera – at least not for 599$.
    But I also expect that the price will drop soon. This could become the cheapest EVIL.

    Interestingly the main reason why I would buy a Samsung NX are the lenses.

    • YoukY63

      Sure, a 20-50mm on APS-C (equivalent of 30-75mm) f/3.5-5.6, everybody dreams of that lenses! 😉
      Compact is good, also fast would be better. I know it is impossible at that size, so I will stick to a smaller sensor: LX5 rulez! ;-P

      • shinkp

        Yes, I’m dreaming of an APS-C zoomlens of that size. I hope it is sharper than the NEX-lenses.
        I have a LX3 – nice cam but you can’t work with DOF on anything but macros.

  • John

    Wow if it looks like that I’m going to buy one the day it comes out, even though it’ll probably be plastic. Imagine a couple of years ago suggesting something like this. This looks so much better than all the other EVILs, at hopefully a cheaper price.

  • Mike again

    That sensor, #9 in the illustrated picture, looks pretty beefy…

    Now let’s see what the spec will be, otherwise quite a nice appealing package, Samsung is clearly on the way!

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