Pentax K-r, DA 35mm 1:2.4 lens, Pentax Optio RS1000 and RZ10 cameras now official

Pentax announced their new K-r model DSLR, a new DA 35mm 1:2.4 prime lens and two point and shoot cameras: Pentax Optio RS1000 and RZ10.

Pentax K-r is currently available for pre-order on Amazon in different colors and lens combinations.

Full press release can be found at Photographybay. Hands-on preview is available on dpreview and in the two videos after the break:

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  • Peter

    Pentax Kr is merely a Kx renamed, not a really new camera.

    no HDMI output, no AF micro-adjust.

    After three years (when 2014), whether we still possible to see the Pentax camera upon the market ?

    • There is AF adjust. Just one setting, but it’s there. And, mind you, this is still very much an entry-level camera.

      • Peter

        Ok, an entry-level camera. So mind you, Pentax is also having a same share like Canon’s share of market?

        In a same grade, Pentax needs to provide the more content than Nikon or Canon, and not less.
        The multi-color shell is merely a straw floating in the ocean. Look here:

        The AF micro-adjust function is just a firmware to write out, did not have any components to be added, that is not uplifted components cost, only a partial of firmware to be developed.

    • Just A Thought

      K-R vs K-X
      – faster FPS – 6FPS top of class
      – larger frame buffer than K-X
      – brighter focusing screen than K-X
      – better LCD tha K-X – higher res
      – can use Li-Ion batteries aswell as AA
      – focus point shown in viewfinder
      – even higher High ISO to 25,600
      – some form of user lens adjustment

      There are probably more differences. The points I noted clearly show that the K-R is not just a repackage of a K-X.

      • Peter

        Sorry, the said the different points did not show about the core components, like a sensor and a PCB. The HDMI port is still a missing, it foreshadows a old PCB from a Kx.

        • Joj

          K-r features a new sensor. No idea about the PCB, but drawing conclusions from a missing HDMI port is at least uninformed imho. Missing HDMI is more likely to be a sign of market strategy, rather than saying anything about the circuit board.

          I get a slight feel of anti-Pentax bias from you Peter, why is that?

          • Peter

            K-r features a new sensor? what is this one model? What is the new element? Please tell me.

            In future would have chance to make us to see the PCB.

            anti-Pentax bias? This conclusion is at least a truly uninformed. We have to camouflage crying — vive Pentax? I have already criticized Eos60d, so I have anti-Canon bias? I have also criticized Nikon, so I have anti-Nikon bias?

            Fully cockeyed and uninformed!

            If Pentax has several supporters like you, so that its end would be faster coming.

          • PeterZheng

            I have to tell someone, I was using some Pentax SLR cameras since 1982.

            28 years ago, maybe someone was wearing a furcal pants and sucking the milk bottle!

          • Joj

            Hi Peter, are both Peters you?

            If so, I am very impressed with your prolonged use of Pentax cameras and how you seem to keep up the anti-all-brands-bias.

            However, I am not sure what element you are referring to, my best guess would be “fire”. Fire is the element I would associate with Pentax awesome cameras. And yes, I am sure the future will have chance to make you see the PCB.

            I am not quite sure why having supporters like me, that buy Pentax stuff would make “its end would be faster coming” more likely, but I am sure you are right there too.

      • Peter

        Nikon d3100 is really a new camera, but Pentax Kr was not.

  • q5a0I3D4k8E4

    I wish other companies would follow them on the battery idea.

  • K. Artur

    Pentax K-r is currently available for pre-order on Azazon – I guess it’s Amazon?

  • Peter

    Yeeey, so many different colors! *_* ^^

    Can’t belive my eyes… Pentax you fail big time…

  • That’s ugly as hell…

    • Plenty of girls would disagree with you. My girlfriend adores the white cameras. Japanese girls apparently buy the pink-blue-brown combinations by the truckload. We’re not all white men in this world.

      • bob

        I guess Pentax really wants to own the Japanese girls’ DSLR camera market. That must be huge untapped potential. Can I get a Hello Kitty version as well?

        For me it’s always been black–I want to photograph, not call attention to myself.

        • Eric Pepin

          actually yes, it is a huge market and playing to it means money. Id have no problem with a pink canon or nikon as long as its an entry level and not one of the pro models.

    • Just A Thought

      Well it’s just a camera, which looks like a camera. It’s not supposed to be as great looking the Diamond bracelet from Tiffany & Co which you plan to give your wife or girlfriend (or both) this Christmas.

  • We were in Tokyo and my wife chose the red pentax over the all of the m4/3 cameras. She also said she wanted a real camera…not a mini one (though the k-x is still quite small).

    It’s absolutely amazing how much attention her camera gets when we go out. I have my d700…nobody asks about that except guys. But both guys and gals ask her constantly about her pentax

  • chris

    I think it is great.

    Pentax had a great success with the High-ISO capability of the K-x.
    Now they brought out a camera with a new, improved sensor (according other sources it is not identical to the one of the K-x) with a lot of improvements.

    They listened to the customer and brought back the AF-confirm LEDs, improved the AF with the system of the 645D and were able to put it in a neat body.

    To me this looks great. I was sure buying the K5, somehow I get the feeling it has to offer quite something, because just for the water resistance and 1080 video I won´t spent twice the money.

    After all (even if some might disagree) a great job!

    • q5a0I3D4k8E4

      Sure, there are some improvements, but you have to factor the price. The K-r’s MSRP is over 35% over the price of the MSRP of a K-x (kit is 850 vs 550).

      The K-x is still a better value than this K-r in that aspect and for someone owning his first dslr, there is very little reason to recommend a K-r over a K-x. An even for owners of a K-x, there is little to find in the K-r. Might as well jump ship and get a d3100.

      The K-r is supposed to be the next level after a K-x and seriously the features are lacking here. I mean, visible AF points is something to expect. 920,000 dots lcd is becoming a norm. This leaves us with their in-body hdr system and maybe low-light performance which has to be seen in reviews.

      As for video, I just hope they extended the time during which you could record before the unit turned itself off due to heat. Leaving the video mode nearly unchanged from the K-x really sucks. No HDMI out, no 30p, no 1080.

      • dmgabe

        Very rarely do these cameras stay at their MSRP for long after they are released. It will drop in price before the holiday shopping season to come more in line the the pricing of its predecessor.

      • Worminator

        The K-x kit was not $550 at release. It was $650.

        920k is not becoming the norm in the entry level segment. The K-r is the cheapest dSLR thus far to have this screen resolution. The D3100 doesn’t have it.

        Facts. Get them straight.

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