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September 14, 2010 - Canon has today announced a new cameraPowerShot G12 - the newest model in the popular series of PowerShot G, which has won numerous awards and credibility of professional photographers around the world. This model offers photographers the maximum flexibility in its class and superior performance, as well as professional management capabilities and compatibility with various accessories.

Preserved convenience and control that is typical for the previous model, the camera PowerShot G12 delivers exceptional performance.With its creation were taken into account both the needs of professional photographers and amateurs preferences. System Canon HS, record high definition video at 720p and Technology of Hybrid IS - are the new features to help you achieve the best quality pictures and videos, and new front control dial makes it easier for your camera and allows rapid manual control. In addition, the model PowerShot G12 is compatible with the new optional filter adapter for the lens, which expands the possibilities when shooting with zoom and delivers maximum image quality throughout the zoom range.

System HS: Excellent image quality Canon even in low light conditions

PowerShot G12 - this is the first model series G, which employs a system of Canon HS, is a combination of a highly sensitive 10.0-megapixel CCD-matrix and high-performance processor DIGIC 4.This system provides excellent picture quality in all conditions, including low light.

The presence of HS allows you to capture images at high ISO settings with preservation of unsurpassed image quality, which means that users will be able to get excellent pictures in any light. Expanded ISO range allows you to shoot in low light conditions without flash or a tripod - to capture pictures with the correct exposure using only ambient light. In those situations where you want to use the flash, reduced the ISO setting will allow users to racshirit effective range of sensitivity and better illuminate the subject. At higher ISO photographers can use less restraint to reduce motion blur.

In order to allow users to more accurately control the value of ISO, a separate disk management ISO is step 1 / 3 steps. Furthermore, the new auto-adjusting sensitivity allows pre-set parameters of maximum sensitivity for shooting and specify the method by which the camera will choose the ISO setting to get the best balance between image quality and staying power.

When shooting a very dark scenes, you can turn low-light to increase the ISO sensitivity of up to 12 800, while users can control the ISO settings and set the white balance to accurately display the object in dark conditions. It is also possible to capture fast moving objects at a speed of 4.2 fps.

Original Canon lens with image stabilizer hybrid Hybrid IS

Wide-angle (28 mm) camera lens PowerShot G12 is equipped with a 5-fold optical zoom for shooting landscapes and distant objects approach. The camera, designed with the experience gained from the company Canon, has been developed using high quality processes and standards that have been used in the manufacture of lenses Canon EF, which results in superior accuracy and resolution of each image in conjunction with the compactness of the lens, which can be completely sucked into the camera body when turned off.

Optical Image Stabilizer compensates for PowerShot G12 camera shake, providing effective shot without blurring in low light conditions and allows faster shutter speeds (approximately 4 stops less) than that usually needed to create clear images. In the PowerShot G12 also uses a technology Canon Hybrid IS to increase the efficiency of the optical image stabilization in macro mode. Closest focusing distance PowerShot G12 is 1 cm in this slightest movement of the photographer in the horizontal plane can affect the quality of the image, so in these conditions it is difficult to get rid of blur without using a tripod. Hybrid Technology Hybrid IS stabilize struggling with a linear displacement of the camera and with the angular motion - these two factors have the greatest impact on the quality of the image at high magnification.

Flexible shooting

The flexibility in shooting and playback is achieved by using the LCD screen PureColor II with a diagonal 7.0 cm (2.8 ") high resolution and variable slopes. Ability to rotate the screen makes it easy to crop the image in various angles, for example, when shooting at ground level or overhead. In order to meet the diverse styles of photography, PowerShot G12 model is equipped with an optical viewfinder with diopter adjustment that allows the viewfinder to customize according to individual need. remembering the image, photographers can use for instant verification display a new histogram RGB, appearing in browsing.

Take control of your hands

In addition to full manual control and a set of semi-automatic modes the camera has a new front control dial which provides quick and easy access to settings while shooting. At the user's choice can set the priority of the front control dial or multi control dial on the back of the camera, or as the simultaneous use of both. For example, front-wheel drive can be used for aperture control mode AV, and with the help of multi control dial to set the white balance or the required format photography. In addition, they can be used independently from each other by disabling multi-disc on the rear panel to prevent accidental changes in settings.

Experienced amateurs and professionals can shoot in a format RAW, and the software Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP), bundled, allows editing images after shooting. Editing environment is identical to editing environment line EOS, so PowerShot G12 easily integrates into existing workflows photographer.

Electronic level and Multiformat shooting

For perfectly flat horizon line PowerShot G12 is equipped with a new feature of the electronic level. Using data from the acceleration sensor mounted on the camera, the indicator on the screen shows the orientation of the vertically and horizontally, which is especially useful when shooting portraits or landscapes. The possibility of shooting in 3:2 aspect ratio, 4:3, 1:1, 16:9 and 4:5 allows photographers to take pictures within the parameters of the facility or, depending on the destination image. Multi-format shooting mode also allows you to select the desired result or the track without the need for further processing.

Photos and video of unsurpassed quality: survey of HD-video with stereo sound

PowerShot G12 is the first camera in a series of PowerShot G, supports shooting in HD at 720p at 24 frames / s, as well as stereo. By adding the effect of "miniature" in the video recording mode, you can create impressive materials, removing the lower frame rate and using the function capture intervals. Built-in HDMI with CEC can view movies and photos on a compatible TV with remote control.

Imprint moments exactly as you see them

Unlike conventional cameras PowerShot G12 offers a new shooting mode in the mode of dynamic range and allows users to capture high contrast scenes as they see the human eye. When shooting with a tripod PowerShot G12 has three different exposure of the same scene, and then analyzes them and brings together in one shot. The result is an image with greater detail as in bright light and in shadow, similar to how it sees the photographer.

Within the technology intellectual correction contrast (i-Contrast) Camera PowerShot G12 allows you to control the magnitude of correction of dynamic range in order to avoid peresvechivaniya lit areas and loss of detail in the shadows. Function correction of shadows enables photographers to brighten only the shaded areas of the image to reveal hidden details.

PowerShot G12 is equipped with autofocus tracking, to track a moving object or create a more expressive compositions. The new regime offers the possibility to select objects in the center of the frame and track them if they begin to move, or if the composition of the image changes.

Advanced shooting

Model PowerShot G12 is compatible with a variety of accessories to enhance creativity and get better pictures in difficult shooting conditions. The new adapter filter for the lens is mounted directly on the body and allows the use of filters Canon diameter 58 mm, such as round polarizing filter, neutral optical density, and UV-protective filter.FA-DC58B adapter can be moved together with the lens when zooming, preventing vignetting at wide angle lens and ensuring the effectiveness of the filter over the entire range of optical zoom.

Connector "hot shoe" provides compatibility with the Canon EX Speedlites, allowing photographers to raise the flash or use an external flash via cable Shoe (OC-E3) for the creation of creative lighting, using different techniques. Optional waterproof case protects the camera to a depth of 40 meters and provides an opportunity to capture the underwater world with incredible detail.

Along with a wide range of manual control available in the camera PowerShot G12, users can capture images of exceptional quality and mode Smart Auto. Smart Auto mode with face detection technology scene determined up to 28 different types of scenes, intelligently analyze shooting conditions and automatically apply optimal settings to achieve the best results in any conditions. This allows skilled photographers and fans instantly gorgeous shots.

Camera PowerShot G12 is designed for photographers who want uncompromising quality in any situation. This model provides a unique combination of image quality, flexibility and convenience. As additions to the compact SLR digital camera, or as a separate chamber - this model is perfect for both professional photographers and advanced amateurs. It guarantees great pictures, and small size allow you to take it with you at any event.

Canon PowerShot G12 - basic functions:

  • HS System
  • 10-megapixel high-sensitivity CCD-matrix
  • Wide-angle lens of 28 mm with a 5-fold zoom lens, image stabilizer Hybrid (Hybrid IS)
  • LCD 7,0 cm (2,8 ") with a variable angle, electron level and optical viewfinder
  • The front control dial, full manual control and RAW format
  • Shoot movies in HD, HDMI support
  • Extended dynamic range.
  • Smart Auto
  • Multiformat shooting
  • Wide range of accessories.

Original wide-angle lens Canon 28 mm with a 5-fold zoom

Camera PowerShot G12, created with the rich experience of the company Canon, has been developed using high quality processes and standards that have been used in the manufacture of lenses Canon EF, which results in superior accuracy and high resolution of each image.High-quality wide-angle lens is a compact model PowerShot G12 with 5-fold increase gives photographers the flexibility with the ability to work with a number of the most common focal lengths.

HS System

Model PowerShot G12 is equipped with a system HS System, which is a combination of highly sensitive 10-megapixel matrix and high performance DIGIC 4 providing unrivaled image quality and high performance in poor lighting conditions. System HS System in PowerShot S95 compares favorably with that version, which was implemented in the popular PowerShot G11.

HS System provides superior quality images at high sensitivity of ISO.At higher ISO photographers can use less restraint to reduce motion blur. Expanded ISO range allows you to shoot in low light conditions without flash or a tripod - to capture pictures with the correct exposure using only ambient light. In addition, thanks to HS System, if necessary work with the flash in the expanded range of ISO sensitivity is increased and the range of the flash.

Community Camera PowerShot G12, no doubt, appreciate the advantages of a wider dynamic range and high-sensitivity matrix, which guarantees a better tone as compared with conventional matrices. In addition to the latest technologies for the production of matrix, the resolution of 10 megapixels means that the size of each pixel will be larger than models with higher resolution. Pixel size can capture more light and higher sensitivity provides more clear and quality images with less noise.

With the ability to accurately set the new ISO Auto sensitivity adjustment allows you to pre-set parameters of maximum sensitivity for shooting, depending on the requirements of the photographer. The user can specify the method by which the camera selects the ISO value to get the best balance between image quality and staying power and motion compensation object.

Shooting mode in low light conditions can increase the range up to ISO 12800, which reduces the risk of blurring even when working in the dark. When reduced to 2.5 megapixel resolution camera selects the ISO range from 320 to 12800, which allows users to capture scenes things the way they are perceived by photographers. Photographers can manually adjust the sensitivity and adjust the white balance depending on the environment. When shooting in low light conditions may be continuous shooting speed of 4.2 frames per second.

Optical Image Stabilizer (4-step) with a system Hybrid IS

High-performance Optical Image Stabilizer from Canon prevents blurring from camera shake substantial compensation. In situations where there is most likely to blur images due to camera shake (for example, at low light or when shooting at high magnification), optical image stabilizer allows you to keep crisp image at the expense of miniature gyroscopic sensors that detect movement caused by hand shake. These signals are processed chip image stabilizer, which distinguishes these variations from the deliberate camera movement.They are then transferred to the block image stabilizer, which moves the lens elements for correction of light rays and eliminate the undesirable effects caused by the tremor. This allows you to fully enjoy the benefits of 4-stop Image Stabilizer.

Camera PowerShot G12 is the first camera model G of Canon, with built-in Hybrid IS. Technology of Hybrid IS, first used in the famous lens EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM, compensates for angular jitter (in a circular plane) and shake with an offset (in the linear plane), which become more noticeable when shooting close-ups. Angular velocity sensor determines the degree of angular camera shake, and acceleration sensor - the degree of jitter offset. Technology of Hybrid IS uses a lens element to compensate for both types of bias, which significantly increases the efficiency of the optical image stabilizer for macro photography.

Front control dial and drive ISO

New front control dial allows you to gain quick access to settings. Such parameters as aperture, shutter speed and white balance can be quickly set up directly in the process of shooting. User Interface can be configured on the priority of the front control dial or multi control dial on the back of the camera. Features such as white balance, aspect ratio or i-Contrast can also be scheduled at the request or the photographer for multi control dial or on the front drive.

Special CD ISO model PowerShot G12 also has been optimized, now the user can directly manipulate the value of ISO in increments of 1 / 3 stop increments for more precise sensitivity adjustment.

LCD display with variable slopes

Like the earlier model, PowerShot G11, Camera PowerShot G12 is equipped with an LCD screen with a variable angle 7.0 inch PureColor II cm (2,8 "). By allowing 461 000 pixels screen ensures excellent image detail, and the turning mechanism allows for easy framing images to capture almost any angle. The wide viewing angle helps to find and view pictures, and thanks to the new histogram, RGB, appears when viewing photos, users can immediately check the display image.

Electronic level

To find the perfect flat landscapes and horizons Camera PowerShot G12 is equipped with a function of the electronic level. Using information from the acceleration sensor camera, the level of the LCD screen will show the approximate camera angle that allows the user to the desired position before taking the picture, even while creating portraits and landscapes.

HD Video with stereo sound and HDMI output

PowerShot G12 allows filming in HD format with a resolution of 1280x720p at 24 fps. Now you can capture high-definition movies with stereo sound. Thanks to the mini-HDMI connector can connect the camera directly to HD-ready television via cable HDMI (sold separately) and view photos or movies without losing quality.

PowerShot G12 is also compatible with the technology of HDMI Consumer Electronics Control (HDMI-CEC), allowing owners PowerShot G12 camera to connect to a compatible HD-TV and view images and movies using the remote control. HDMI-CEC provides unmatched convenience in the exchange of photos and video.

Effect of miniatures in video mode

Now the effect of "miniature" can also be used during video recording, which allows you to create scenes that look like miniature models of images with a resolution of 720p. Using the video intervals and the effect of miniatures, top and bottom (or left and right, depending on the orientation of the camera) of the image gradually lubricated, adding to the prospects. You can choose the frame rate (available in versions 6 frames / sec, 3 frames / s and 1.5 fps). When the video will be played at 30 frames per second, there will effect viewing a miniature model in slow motion. How and when shooting movies with low frame rate, sound is not recorded.

Continuous AF Tracking

PowerShot G12 is equipped with autofocus tracking, to track a moving object or create a more expressive compositions. The new regime offers the possibility to select objects in the center of the frame and track them if they begin to move, or if the composition of the image changes.

Extended dynamic range.

Extended dynamic range makes it possible to keep the shadows and simultaneously improve detail in dark areas when shooting with a tripod. When shooting objects with high contrast ratio of conventional cameras can not simultaneously convey deep shadows and bright areas.Shoot mode dynamic range, you can easily accomplish this task: camera, multiple exposure scene, and then combine all the frames in one image. PowerShot G12 captures light areas, shadows, and any half-tones in much the same as the photographer sees them.

Correction of shadows and dynamic range

Allowing the most precise way to regulate light and dark images, the correction functions shadows and limits the dynamic range included in the system i-Contrast, can be individually configured, depending on shooting conditions.

In the model PowerShot G12 has a function of correction of dynamic range to prevent the appearance of glare spots and loss of detail in the shadows. Choosing the values of two parameters, photographers can adjust the depth of the correction of the dynamic range to adjust the light and dark areas of the image directly into the camera. With increasing depth of dynamic range adjustment of the final image is increased by 2 or 4 times in comparison with the image without correction. Correction function allows you to automatically brighten shadows only shaded parts of the image to reveal hidden details.

Mode Quick Shot («Quick snapshot")

Quick Shot mode is intended for shooting fast-moving objects or unexpected moments, in this mode reduces shutter lag to more increase in speed shooting. Quick Shot mode is selected using the mode dial, with the Live View function is disabled and enabled continuous focus that allows the photographer to crop and shooting through the viewfinder to reduce shutter lag. Frame rate is automatically increased, so the user can evaluate the benefits of improved productivity and not miss important points.

RAW format and software Digital Photo Professional (DPP)

PowerShot G12 supports shooting in format RAW. You will be able to get images without compression, and then manually edit them and create a final version with the included software DPP.

Editing environment identical to the EOS line editing environment and offers professionals a wide range of file processing RAW, set up the camera PowerShot G12, including the function of Picture Style, adjust contrast, brightness, sharpness, noise reduction, white balance and exposure. There is also an instrument of distortion correction lens PowerShot G12, which allows you to adjust in RAW-files of distortion, peripheral illumination, chromatic aberration and blurred colors.

DIGIC 4 Processor

Image processor Canon DIGIC 4 controls all key camera functions for maximum effectiveness survey. The advanced processing algorithms enable the shifting of the smallest details and nuances, as well as accurate white balance and minimal noise. Due to the high processing speed increases the sensitivity of the camera, AF speed and duration of continuous shooting.

Smart Auto mode with face detection technology scene

Smart Auto mode with face recognition technology scene is analyzed in detail the space frame, taking into account the brightness and contrast of the object, the distance between him and the camera, as well as general background. Then the camera selects the type of scene of the 28 options and applies the most appropriate settings for optimum results.

With the addition of six new scenes Smart Auto mode from Canon is now even more versatile. Now Smart Auto can detect and compensate for the sharp shadows on the faces that may arise in low light conditions, such as when shooting indoors with bright light over the object or in a sunny day when the sun is at its zenith. If you find these conditions will be used in flash to eliminate harsh shadows on faces and get more natural images. In addition, three additional scene modes are designed for shooting in situations where the object is illuminated a strong light source such as a searchlight. Instead of assessing the total exposure images, which can lead to overexposure to the main subject of a dark background, a new mode automatically detects the presence of a searchlight, and the camera focuses on the main subject. The level of exposure for the main object will be a priority, ensuring correct exposure frame.

Intelligent exposure correction using a flash

Function Smart Flash Exposure - a smart power management tools and built-in flash for natural-looking pictures in different conditions. The optimal ratio between light conditions and flash output is achieved through the use of distance information, as well as the shooting scene.At close range the risk of overexposure can be avoided by determining the reflective properties of the object and reduce the flash output to compensate for the small distance between the camera and the object.

Face Detection

Face Detection is much easier to obtain excellent images of people.This sophisticated system quickly and accurately identifies faces in a frame and optimizes the camera settings, ensuring excellent image quality. In one frame can be recognized up to 35 persons, so this feature is useful to use to create not only a portrait, but group shots.

The cell PowerShot G12 has the following face recognition technology.

  • Technology Face Detection AF: sets the focus on people's faces, and not only on the nearest objects.
  • Technology Face Detection AE: optimizes the exposure of persons in any light, is useful in scenes with backlit and when shooting indoors.
  • Technology Face Detection exposure flash: prevents blurring and darkening of the picture when shooting with flash, ideal for close-ups in restaurants, clubs and other dimly lit environments.
  • Technology Face Detection White Balance: optimizes white balance for natural-looking skin tones accurately transmitted regardless of color and lighting conditions.
  • Correction Red-Eye ": automatically removes unwanted effect, created a flash, the finished picture. The natural appearance of eyes can be restored immediately push of a button in playback mode.

Intelligent shutter

When Smart Shutter Face Detection is used to make the creation of group shots and self-portraits easier and more comfortable. Shutter release can be carried out remotely by three different ways.

  • Smile: shutter release occurs when the camera detects a smiling face in the frame.
  • Self-timer with wink: the shutter release is two seconds later, after the wink of an eye object in the frame, which eliminates the need for remote control.
  • Self-timer in the determination of the new faces in the frame: guarantee a great group shots and self-portraits by automatically shutter after two seconds after the appearance of new faces in the frame.

Multiformat shooting.

Feature multi-format photography camera PowerShot G12 allows you to shoot in various formats without the need for further processing.Photographers can choose the options of 1:1, 16:9, 3:2 and 4:5, and then be quickly determined composition, corresponding to the objects and the desired result.

Card support SDXC

Camera PowerShot G12 supports the latest memory card SDXC up to 2 TB. One carrier SDXC holds far more images than any of the previous card issuers, and therefore, video and photography can be performed without the need to replace the card.

Features Eye-Fi connected

For those who wish to share images wirelessly, the camera PowerShot G12 has a function of Eye-Fi connected functions. The user interface contains a special section of Eye-Fi and the corresponding on-screen icons. If you find a wireless memory card Eye-Fi auto-mute is deactivated, which ensures continuity and ease of image transfer.

PowerShot SX30 IS:

September 14, 2010 - Canon is expanding its range of compact cameras with ultra zoom, introducing a new model PowerShot SX30 IS - a high-performance camera with ultra wide 24-mm lens and 35 x optical zoom. The new model replaces the PowerShot SX20 IS, it combines excellent optics of the Canon and the most advanced imaging technology, as the ideal tool for photo enthusiasts who want a powerful multifunction camera for the realization of their creative abilities.

PowerShot SX30 IS is ideal for any situation, allowing full manual control and recording high definition video. It offers a number of different modes for creative and automatic shooting. The user can independently manage their creative potential, or rely on the ability of the camera. Among other features are the LCD screen diagonal 6.8 cm (2.7 ") with a variable angle connector and the" hot shoe "that allows the photographer to new creative possibilities when shooting from various angles and provides compatibility with accessories Canon.

Best-in-class optical zoom and superb image quality

Matrix 14.1 megapixels lets you print posters A2 +, and high detail - a creative approach to crop photos without compromising their quality.An incredible range of focal lengths of the lens with 35 x optical zoom provides a unique opportunity for creativity. The values of focal lengths can vary from 24 mm to 840 mm (equivalent to the range of 35 mm film). You can capture any scene from the ultra-images to remote sites.

By using the same materials and technology, and the production of lenses Canon EF, camera PowerShot SX30 IS offers all the benefits that Canon makes the best practices in the manufacture of optics. Lens construction is based on several special optical elements, including the Ultra-Low Dispersion (UD) and an element with a high refractive index (Hi-UD) to compensate for the aberrations of light while maintaining high image quality throughout the zoom range. Elements of Hi-UD is widely used in the line of internationally recognized professional television lenses, ensuring maximum image quality and reducing the total weight of equipment.

Typically, the application of lenses with such a powerful zoom is very hard to achieve good results in low light or telephoto without a tripod.That's why Canon has equipped this model the most effective optical image stabilizer (IS) of all, ever used in compact cameras, to ensure the stabilization of the 4,5 level. The movable lens group to effectively fights blurring when shooting with high magnification and when using fast shutter speed possible. Camera PowerShot SX30 IS is also equipped with ultrasonic motor (USM) and a motor with a coil actuator (VCM) for fast, accurate and silent, zooming and focusing, which, like optical image stabilization, can be used for the photography and video recording.

The new aid for cropping with zoom (Zoom Framing Assist) helps keep the frame removed or moving objects when shooting with high magnification. After clicking the special button shortcuts Zoom Framing Assist quickly brings the lens into one of three preset positions, the user can better address the scene on the screen and find the desired subject, and notes the original rectangle area approximation.Once again, the user finds the desired subject and places it in a rectangular frame, the button can be released - and the lens quickly return to a given position in the zoom, allowing you to retain the original framing of the picture.

More than just photos

PowerShot SX30 IS captures HD video at 720p and stereo sound with full optical zoom, and the switch between photo and video by simply pressing a button. Focus and exposure can be fixed or adjusted during the video recording, and a special mode Dynamic IS helps to reduce camera shake when shooting moving to a more realistic and sustainable image. Smart Auto mode for shooting video can detect up to 21 different types of scenes, automatically selecting and adjusting settings for optimal exposure and a priority focus on individuals with an increase in brightness of colors. The results of the survey can be viewed in the highest quality by connecting the camera via a mini-HDMI connector to HDTV-screen.

No compromise between the quality, versatility and creative possibilities

In addition to the incredibly powerful zoom PowerShot SX30 IS offers a range of functions that help the photographer to gain complete control over the image. LCD TVs 6.8 cm (2.7 ") with a variable angle PureColor II with a resolution of 230,000 pixels provides maximum flexibility when shooting different types of scenes: the flower close-up of the crowded concert. Shooting is convenient to carry, even in non-standard aspects: the objects are displayed on the screen with vivid detail and color saturation. The quick increase brightness Quick Bright allows you to view images and crop images even in bright sunlight.

For those who want to bring something new into the art of shooting, the model PowerShot SX30 IS a slot "hot shoe" for connecting accessories, such as outbreaks of EX Speedlite. In addition, an optional adapter for the lens filter lets you connect filters 67 mm, such as a polarizing filter Canon PL-C B, allowing the photographer to virtually unlimited opportunities for creating artistic effects.

For those users who want to get high quality photographs simply pressing a button without the need for manual settings, the PowerShot SX30 has a Smart Auto mode with face detection technology scene to determine the shooting conditions and select the optimal parameters of the 28 possible options. There have been some new types of scenes, including objects with sharp shadows on the faces in low light and the objects illuminated by a spotlight. Smart Flash Exposure function adjusts the flash output for ideal exposure in macro mode, and with backlit.

To expand the creative possibilities photographers can use the effects of "miniature", "fish eye", as well as the effects of posters and high saturation. Effect of miniatures can also be used when recording video with a reduced frame rate (6, 3 or 1.5 frames / sec) for high-speed shooting at intervals and transformations of objects in the miniature models.

Sharing, storing and Collaboration

Share the brightest moments with friends and family are now very easy. Camera PowerShot SX30 IS supports the SDHC card and SDXC, the volume of which allows photographers to keep shooting without worrying about the memory card is full. To find your favorite pictures among hundreds of others, the user can assign tags to them directly in a cell or group with other selected images for easy retrieval later. The function of intellectual play Smart Shuffle allows you to call to see more images similar to the currently displayed image, which can detect the memory card are images, which the user can forget or lose a large library.

PowerShot SX30 IS - main features:

  • Ultra wide lens with a 35-fold zoom
  • Optical image stabilizer (4,5-step), USM, VCM
  • 14.1-megapixel CCD-matrix
  • LCD TVs 6,8 cm (2.7 ") with a variable angle, electronic viewfinder
  • Shoot movies in HD, HDMI support
  • Smart Auto
  • Manual modes, shooting in low light and video to the effect of "miniature".
  • Help function for cropping with zoom (Zoom Framing Assist)
  • The system of continuous AF / AE
  • Wide range of accessories
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