Samyang 35 mm F1.4 AS UMC announced

Samyang 35 mm f/1.4 AS UMC is now official - available in Canon, 4/3, Nikon, Pentax, Samsung NX and Sony Alpha mounts:

In the US, Samyang products can be purchased on eBay.

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  • Full Frame Freddie

    What is the scoop with these Samyang lenses? Complete junk, or decent low-cost option? I have never used one of these- has anyone else?

  • Peter

    The 85mm f/1.4 samyang has the same perforamance as the new nikkor at f/1.4 ;)… so NO they aren’t junk, the fisheyes are very nice to.

    • Full Frame Freddie

      Thanks for the assessment. How do these rank in price?

    • Joe Boston

      Hahaha, what are you smoking, son?

      • tim

        Hes correct. I have the 85mm Samyang and it truly is amazing. The center is not as sharp as Nikkor but the corners are sharper. (+ u cant see the difference between center sharpness form 1.8 on…) SO for 4x less money only 2 sharper stops at center?

  • johnl

    I want one!

  • They have received good reviews. Impressive and relatively very cheap.
    Lenstip has a few reviews of Samyang lenses.

  • Bokan

    What the use of this lens ?

    For me a 35mm f/1.4 is for shooting portraits. What the use of f/1.4 without a descent autofocus ? Studio photo ? Objects ? Stills ?

    I have the 14mm f2.8 from Samyang and I think it’s a really nice lens. So no doubt they can produce the best.

    I’m thinking of creating a focus assist kit that will enable autofocus on manual lenses. But this will be heavy and slow, so it will be usefull only for video.

  • Peter

    If you were a perverse and malicious being, you would start the summary of this test this way: although the Nikkor AF-S 85 mm f/1.4G costs almost 1700 $, it gives us more or less the same the image quality at the maximum relative aperture as the Samyang 1.4/85, which costs about 300 $. What’s more, the aforementioned Samyang corrects chromatic aberration, distortion, coma and vignetting better than the Nikkor and allows us to work with higher precision in the manual mode … to read the end go to 😉

    Those are the words of the reviewer that reviewed the new nikkor… but that’s at f/1.4.

    … don’t get me wrong, the lens is light years ahed at f/2, has great AF and construction to die for, in all respects a great lens… but the samyang ain’t that bad at all…

    But if i would want to buy a nice 35mm lens (and i am planing to buy one) i would get the old contax zeiss 35mm f/1.4 🙂

    • usf

      even better, zeiss for rollei 35mm f1.4 HFT!! this and the 85 is a dream..

    • bob

      The first part of the quote is like those movie quotes which are pretty much misleading–taken verbatim, but taken out of context verbatim.

      If you actually quote the entire summary, the Nikon trounces the Samyang, as it should–its sharper, better corrected, etc. As to most lens reviews, most don’t really know what they are talking about. It’s like the comparisons with Leicas, where Leica lenses always seem obscenely overpriced. That is, until you actually shoot with one and experience the microcontrast, sharpness, look and overall image quality you get from a Leica lens.

      I certainly would not use any Samyang lens for a paying assignment. If you need or can only afford a manual focus 85mm, go with any of the Nikon 85mm lenses–f/1.4, f/1.8 or f/2, AI or AIS Nikkor. With the f1.4, it is a bit more than the Samyang, but you get centered optics, quality control, one of the best 85mm ever made, and excellent resale value. Oh, and unmatched bokeh, hence the name, “Cream Machine”. The f/2 and f/1.8 Nikkors are also excellent lenses.

  • daifuku

    People who bash Samyang lenses make me giggle.

    For $300 their 85mm can’t be beat; sharpness, contrast, the whole deal. Are people just hung up on the Nikon / Canon brand names or something? Sure, there’s no autofocus…but the only other problem I can find is that you save money instead of having to buy Nikon 😉

    • bob

      People who buy cheap lenses thinking they are getting a bargain make me laugh (or sad for them). Been there, done that. It was all money poorly spent, buying fast third party lenses that did not perform one way or another, but ultimately resulting in compromised image quality. And trying to unload them–practically priced as paper weights.

      Without sounding contrite, there is no free lunch and you do get what you pay for in lenses. If you want an 85, buy the f/1.8 AF versions instead (only 2/3 stop slower) or get a used manual focus Nikkor instead (with adaptor for Canon). My $0.02.

      • daifuku


      • James

        > there is no free lunch and you do get what you pay for in lenses.

        In the strictest sense of meaning this statement is a logical tautology. In the common sense, the Samyang is a better value than the Nikon, since the Nikon cost many times more than the Samyang but is only a few percent better by any measurable criteria. So while it may have been worth it to you personally to pay a lot more for the Nikon lens just to get the best, you actually got LESS for your money than someone who purchased the Sanyang lens.

        • Name

          Any measurable criteria you say.

          Ok… I choose… Autofocus!


        • bob

          Play any logic game you want.

          If you’re a measurebator and simply live by numbers and stats, then this lens fits your criteria. To paraphrase Spinal Tap, this lens goes to f/1.4! That’s like cheap stereos that go 200W, but are distorted and unnatural. But then again, I’m sure your amp goes to 11!

  • Theo

    What’s the price, any info?

  • hunter

    i hope they start shipping this soon, i wonder when it will be mass avaible?

  • Eric Pepin

    Im looking for a 35 1.4 to complement my 85.. this might be it, the Zeiss is a grand, the nikon will be about 1500 once prices settle down. Zeiss might still win though as well, tough call, autofocus is not very important on a good viewfinder but still nice.

  • Kevin Y

    I have the 8mm fisheye, and that thing rocks. So i’m hoping this is going to be great, as a nice manual focus lens i can take out to have fun

  • Greden

    Bob, have you ever had a samyang? I also read the review, and they never says that “the Nikon trounces the Samyang, as it should–its sharper, better corrected, etc” it says that the samyang is better at F/1.4… and lenstip has one of the best reviews around, they even check for astigmatisem, which few do. Bob do you even know what astigmatisem is?

    • bob


      If you read my comment, it is very clear that I say that the Nikon trounces the Samyang– and if you read between the lines they confirm it– “Even after a slight stopping down the Nikkor is significantly sharper than the Samyang and also the Zeiss.” Comparing the conclusions of both lens reviews, they throw a softball at Samyang but are very critical with the Nikkor. Reading into what lenstip is saying, the Samyang is a one-trick pony, at best optimized for f/1.4 but degrading thereafter, being soft thereafter The Nikon starts sharp and gets sharper and better immediately. Night and day. But you’ve got to read between the lines or you’ll miss it.

      “they even check for astigmatisem, which few do. Bob do you even know what astigmatisem is?” I do know what astigmatism is, I don’t know astigmatisem. Do you know how to S-P-E-L-L?

      That Lenstip checks for “astigmatisem” should not impress anyone (unless you like to be impressed by serious sounding numbers) and does not prove or disprove anything. And, other sites and magazines check for astigmatism as well, and those reviews are generally fluff. It’s lab versus real world, and often, performance in one does not correlate well with the other. God, I’m starting to sound like Ken Rockwell, huh?

      BTW, have you ever shot with a Nikkor 85mm f/1.4, manual or AF? I suggest that you beg, borrow or steal (maybe not) one for a weekend of testing against the Samyang, shooting wide open and against a strong backlight on a full frame FX Nikon. And if you don’t know why I’m suggesting these criteria, then maybe the Samyang is perfect for you….

  • I’ve got both…but rather than bother with the test, the results are fairly predictable, flare! The samyang can’t control it, while the Nikkor does a decent job (not to the scale of nano-coatings, but worlds better than the samyang). Having said that flare can actually make great images when positioned correctly.

  • daifuku

    These forums are funny… while people spend their time here deciding which lens brand is best, I’m out shooting my Samyang 85mm f1.4 and loving every minute of it.

    • bob

      must be tough posting while shooting.

  • All right…did a mini test of these on FX…

    Download the originals to your heart’s content–just don’t post them anywhere without permission. Every setting was kept equal–including the lighting (since it was indoors).

    …meh, Daifuku’s a very talented fellow. He can ride his bike and take pictures and then turn those pictures into a movie of sorts. I think he can be out taking pics, and then posting via his bberry while the cam. does most of the work ; )

    He’s just that kind of guy (or he’s just got a nice cam with lot’s of bells and whistles).

    The only concern I have about Samyang is the build-quality (but I’ve stated that elsewhere, too). Optically, it can’t be beat for the price.

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