The new Fujifilm Finepix-x100 is very interesting

Some of the basic specs of the new Fujifilm Finepix-x100:

Model Name FinePix X100
Number of effective pixels 12.3 million pixels
CCD Sensor APS-C CMOS Sensor
Storage Media SD / SDHC / SDXC memory card
Lens High-performance FUJINON lens with Super EBC Coating
Focal Length 23mm, equivalent to 35mm
Aperture Range F2 to F16
Exposure Mode Programmed auto mode, Aperture priority mode, Shutter priority mode and Manual mode
Exposure Compensation -2.0EV-+2.0EV
Shutter Speed Bulb, 30 sec. to 1/4000 sec.
Focus High-speed contrast AF
Optical Viewfinder 0.5X magnification with approx. 90% frame coverage
Electronic Viewfinder Ultrafine 1,440,000-dot LCD
LCD Monitor 2.8-inch, Colour LCD monitor, approx 460,000 dots
Movie Recording 1280x720 HD with stereo sound
Dimensions 126.5(W) x 74.4(H) x 53.9(D) mm including lens

The new Fujinon lens:

"This newly developed lens offers a focal length of 23mm (135 equivalent: 35mm) that lets you capture a wide range of subjects while maintaining high resolution and optical clarity. It also features a large F2 aperture which not only delivers both ample brightness and high contrast sensitivity, but also achieves a high level of resolution when the aperture is closed by 1 or 2 stops."

Hybrid viewfinder:

The Hybrid Viewfinder combines the window-type “bright frame” optical viewfinder found in high-end film cameras, such as 35mm or medium-format cameras, and the electronic viewfinder system incorporated in fixed single lens or mirrorless digital cameras.

For more details see the official Fujifilm Finepix-x100 website and the full press release at

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  • pete

    Looks grate! But without optical stabilization im not a buyer. I know how much it improves my image quality.

    • Montevale

      Wow, this is not just retro. This is actually the everyday camera, so you don’t have to lag your SLR around unless you go to a specific shoot.
      Now, please make it reasonable in price so I can actually buy it and not just drool over it.

    • Manne

      This one looks really promising.

      Personally, I’d prefer a slightly sleeker, not-so-much retro look and/or an all black finish at least.

      Nevertheless, the concept, the ergonomics and the specs look very good to me.

    • eb

      i love people that have to tell everyone the things they arent going to buy. who cares.

    • Mads

      Images stabilization certainly helps with longer lenses, but at 23mm, it’s just not an issue unless you have really shaky fingers.

  • That is a beautiful camera! I wish more camera manufacturers would bring back retro styling. I think with this camera I would spend a fair amount of time looking for the advance lever after taking a picture.

    • jdsl

      i hope they don’t because i have no money.
      i’ll be just watching you with great envy 🙂

  • pethunia

    Very-very-very pretty!
    If the performance matches the looks.. WOW! :-))
    An earlier disappointment made me alert, though: I fell for the design of the Olympus Digital Mju. The looks still amaze me – as a paperweight even – the performance was just bad. :-((

  • jeffry

    i have been waiting for something like this, a digital version of my yashica rangefinders

  • Amien

    nice concept, but for 1600$, a FF sensor would have been more than expected.

    I am waiting for a true FF 18MP pocketable camera that can compete against a Mamiya 7.

    This will definitely never come close to this dream.

    What about an 3 in 1 lens Bolex style compact FF ? I would put 5K in it & resell my other digital gear for sure.

    • Mads

      uhhhh, Leica M9 with a pancake lens? Really though, ANY DSLR is going to have a tough time beating out a medium format film camera like a Mamiya 7, even a D3x with a Zeiss lens would probably come up short. Maybe a Leica S2 would be equal to your Mamiya 7, that’s a big maybe.

    • alex

      what are you talking about ? that makes absolutely no sense. 1600$ fullframe with a fixed lens ? and then compare it with a d3x ? ^^

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