The new Kenko digital camera with interchangeable lenses prototype got lost on its way to Photokina

Kenko is best known for its photography equipment accessories and converters (they also produce camera lenses under the Tokina brand name). Kenko was suppose to display a prototype of their new digital camera with interchangeable lenses at Photokina, but the prototype... got lost (?)... so they only had few pictures to show:

credit: DC Watch

Specs after the break:

  • C-mount (the one of 16mm and video-surveillance cameras)
  • 6mm f/1.4 standard lens
  • 14Mpix sensor of unknown size BUT should be 1/2.3" for which 6mm real focal corresponds to 35mm on full frame camera, hence the sensor should be the widely-spread 1/2,3" 14+ Mpix sensor from Sony
  • No RAWs, only JPEGs
  • Magnesium-alloy body
  • Available in February 2011
  • MSRP: ¥30,000 ≈ $350
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  • Camaman

    Lookin’ like that, it’s for the better it got lost! 😛

    I’m kidding! I know its a proof of concept!
    Nice I like more players in EVIL arena. Especially Entirely new! 🙂

  • royalan

    I’ll bet when the Kenko rep arrived at Photokina, they realized they had mistakenly grabbed their garage door opener.

  • Kevin

    Uh, cute.

  • Camaman

    Interchangable??? Small sensor camera!!!
    Who is this for! ?
    Posers who will pose to have pro, just cause they can change lenses!

  • John Bowen

    What a waste. I’ll not bother with the bulk of an interchangeable lens camera if the sensor is any smaller than 4/3.

  • Huggs

    From the looks of it, it’s a good thing it got “lost.”

  • stepper

    I admit that it does look a bit unfinished.
    But I think it;s an interesting piece.
    Taking advantage of the already existing C-mount for
    a super small camera sounds like fun.

  • guys, you have to look also at the price – you cannot get much more for $300

  • royalan

    I sold a Computar f1.2 zoom cct lens on flea-bay a few years ago for $10 that I stripped out of an old security camera. There are a ton of cheap, fast lenses around that would be pretty cool on this body.

    • But other than for novelty it wouldn’t make much sense… although there maybe even 0.95 for lenses for this mount, in terms of noise and DOF, the images will be behind ordinary lenses of most other cameras because of the smaller sensor.

  • Mark

    I love the looks of the camera as is, but with that sensor, no thanks.

  • John Bowen

    You can get a very good used digital SLR from for around $300.00. You can get a very good compact camera new for around $300.00.

    Kenko is creating solutions to problems that don’t exist, much like Ricoh.

  • What is it, a digital Argus? Ergonomics don’t apply to this little box? I prefer Fuji’s X-100 look, even if I can’t change the lenses.

    I don’t know of too many photographers that have C mount lens collections. How about a camera that takes M or screw mount lenses?

  • Alfons

    C-mount? Shouldn’t they just join m4/3? No RAW? This is a weird camera…

  • Didn’t get lost, saw it on photokina yesterday. But it looks the same as on the picture. And the Kenko spokesman confirmed the details you posted.

  • shinkp

    Well, a C-Mount (read: MF) EVIL is a very funny idea. With a f1.4-lens you would at least be better off in terms of DOF and light per pixel than with a LX5.

    I just can’t believe it will hit the market.

  • Peter


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