Panasonic Micro Four Thirds lens roadmap (kind of)

Panasonic Roadmap


After Ricoh GXR and Sony E-mount we are continuing the roadmap series with the expected Micro Four Thirds lenses from Panasonic. The title of this unknown document says that Micro Four Thirds lenses will cover the full range from 7mm to 300mm (equivalent of 14mm-600mm in full frame). Three specific lenses listed "under consideration" are:

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  • P.B.

    Considering? …that’s funny.

  • Nikky

    4/3 is rather small sensor. for it to be interesting for me, i need at least a full frame equiv aperture of f/1.4 – which means f/0.7 on micro-4/3 will this be possible? i read cosima is coming with a f/0.95, so we’re getting there 🙂 ok, let’s say, if they make f/0.8 with 12, 18, 25 and 40mm lenses, they got me. but please, no more than 10 megapixels at that sensor size since i need some degree of high-iso capability.

    • Carlos R B

      I really dont care about DOF, but the real problem with panasonic is the sensors IQ…high iso noise poor DR…really wish they could do it better…their lenses are very good…

      • Nikky

        oh, if you don’t care for DOF, or rather the lack of it, then life is easy for you. just buy a D7000! or a D90. or wait until nikon sells a mirrorless camera – supposedly the sensor will be m4/3 or smaller, but since they’re known for good DR and high-ISO, you should be served.

        • chris

          if you dont care about dof but want a small second camera than the d7000 or whatever dslr would not help you either ; )

          right now it looks that in 2011 samsung nx will have the best mirrorless system, i really like the 30mm f2.. it has really great reviews. and 2011 they´ll have 60mm macro and fast portrait too, the 20mm is already out too.
          the panasonic 20mm is not that great, see review for example. and i think the future lenses like 25mm f1.4 will be priced ridiculously high.. like all panasonic lenses.

        • Inge-M.

          DR, is not a big problem in GH models to Panasonic.

  • hrthwrht

    “(there is already an existing Panasonic 25mm f/1.4 Four Thirds lens”

    but not MICRO 4/3

    • correct – this is what I wanted to say 🙂

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