Panasonic Lumix Phone announcement coming up next week

Panasonic published a press release for a new "Lumix Phone" (Google translation):

"Panasonic Mobile Communications, the first camera phones which bear the brand "Panasonic Lumix" developed. Phone Lumix digital camera, the Panasonic "LUMIX" I took over the mobile phone user interface technology and high quality. Not only beautiful and easily taken, has been enhanced collaboration features unique to mobile Internet devices."

The Lumix phone (or a prototype of it) will be announced during the Ceatec IT & Electronics Exhibition next week in Tokyo (October 5-9, 2010). Here are the basic specs:

  • 3.3-inch LCD screen with 854×480 resolution
  • “Mobile VenusEngine” for HD images
  • camera with 13MP CMOS sensor
  • microSDHC slot
  • Wi-Fi
  • DLNA support
  • size: 116×52×17.7mm, weight: 146g

All future details on the Lumix phone will be published on

Via MobileCrunch

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  • cc

    I really hope that it will actually be as good as one would think a camera orientated phone is.

  • MK

    instead of releasing a new GF camera they have been developing this? LOLTASTIC

    • chris

      haha.. i agree.. weird where they put their resources.
      didnt one of the gh2 ingenieurs talk about this.. and how he was upset that the marketing department wanted more megapixel

  • xatnep

    wohoo 😀
    might replace my 4years old sony ericsson :D:D

  • zseso
    • WoutK89

      haha, you are saying a camera phone is mirrorless too?

      But that means their surprise isnt as good as it was anymore (We will enter a new market and such bla bla). Panasonic is ahead of them.

      • zseso

        Well, if Nikon wants 50% of market share, as they stated…they have to stand up from the crowd with sg really innovative!;)

  • panfruit

    *crosses fingers for full-frame sensor* 😛

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