Rumor: Olympus EP-3 by the end of the year

Olympus EP-3 is expected to be a major upgrade, here are some of the rumored specs:

  • 16MP sensor, supports 1080 video and up to ISO 6400, 12800 extension.
  • Articulated LCD, 3" and 920K.
  • No built-in flash or EVF, but there are connectors for optional ones.
  • The design "lines" are closer to EPL1 than EP2. The form factor, being slim with an articulated screen, is unique. The closest thing would be a scaled-up Samsung EX1/TL500.
  • Considerable improvements in AF. A headline feature is a new dual AF (CDAF+ PDAF). The PDAF aids CDAF to decide the right focus distance reducing the typical CDAF trial-and-error, particularly helpful for AF of heavy classic 4/3 lenses, (it works MUCH BETTER than any m4/3 body with legacy 4/3 lenses, excellent w m4/3 lenses).
  • A special accessory unit comprising a hand grip + 4/3 lens adapter. The unit covers the whole front panel and almost transforms the EP3 to a classic 4/3 camera when attached.
  • Expected in November/December for the holiday shopping season, price TBA.

I even got some information that a new Olympus EP camera is currently being tested in the UK.

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  • panfruit

    I got $100 that says EP-5 by Valentine’s Day. And that E-5 sells <100 copies. 😛

  • Eric

    Why didn’t they show this camera off at Photokina if it’s so close to release? Seems very odd….as in too good to be true type of odd.

    • Bob

      +1. Olympus’s big news was … a point and shoot with a Zuiko lens, as if that makes any big whoop. The specs listed above read like an Oly fanboi wetdream.

      • Could be, but Olympus must step up with their next EP model – they cannot do marginal upgrades forever.

  • Carlos R B

    So the same sensor as the GH2?

  • Jack

    What happened to Akira Watanabe’s statement that 12mpx is enough?

    It was hailed as ‘the end of the mega pixel war’.

    I guess now the war is back on.

  • sam shoots all

    The Oly compact camera body was probably a coverup for the new EP-X series…Olympus wanted the crowd to have the feeling of “awn-man, nothing new”! Then BOOM, the big surprise and everyone’s jaw drops 🙂

    • sdfsdf

      no viewfinder, no flash – means nobody’s jaws will drop.

      • cc

        Yea, those specs don’t impress me at all.

        evil cameras seem more like fashion accessories right now.

  • Franssales

    Phase detection and articulated display. Excellent, specially the 1st one. Pity that I already bought mine, but I will do with it, since I only have one fast manual prime.

  • spam

    No flash, articulated screen, small form factor sound more like a NEX than a scaled up Samsung. Unfortunately it sound more like a wish list than a real camera, and Olympus really need a high end PEN with EVF more that a new small one.

  • Dominick

    No interest in this. I am still waiting for an E-P1 with a viewfinder and built in flash. If it had an articulating screen I wouldn’t complain. I was satisfied with the IQ of the E-P1 just missed having a built in flash and viewfinder.

    • Don Pope

      Indeed, for me no viewfinder = no sale.
      Also, I prefer the look and feel of the EP much more than the EPL.
      The EP feels solid and competent, the EPL feels plasticky and more like a toy.

  • ProspectCameraBuyer

    Olympus or Panasonic need to get a E-P1, GF-1 type camera with a built in EVF out soon. They owned the mirrorless market for a while, but the competition is getting fierce. I am however afraid that this will not happen. Here is my analysis:
    Panasonic seems 100% focused on capturing the big sensor video market. They might well succed in this since the somewhat larger Canon sensors and outdated EOS lens lineup is a major problem for Canon. With the exception of Sony, the rest of the camera manufacturers do not have a clue about video and are just playing catch up. Even if Panasonic is a huge company, I doubt if they will manage to produce any more ground breaking still cameras. Let us hope I am wrong…
    Olympus is in serious trouble. By releasing the E3, which is nothing more than a souped up old model, they have made it clear that the 43 standard is dead. On the other hand their m43 linup is getting less impressive by the day. All their 3 m43 bodies are variation on pretty much the same theme. I doubt that they have enough muscle to produce a new attractive m43 body 🙁

    • spam

      Did you check anything before writing your “analysis”?
      Canon’s “outdated EOS lens lineup is a major problem for Canon” makes them the larges dSLR producer in most surveys. It’s also the dSLRs with best video output so far.
      Olympus E3 isn’t “a souped up old model”, it is an old model that Olympus just replaced.

    • Eric

      Are you insane, Panasonic and Canon both dominate the video market.

  • Nathan

    Nope. Make me choose between viewfinder and flash and you lose me.
    Dammit, I just want a GH2 with in-body stabilisation. Olympus could do that, but they’ve been too stubborn. Give me an SLR style body, a decent high rez EVF, a hot shoe, a flash, wireless flash control, in-body stabilization. Do that and you get my money. Just go get a Panasonic micro four thirds camera and then add IBIS and wireless flash. Do it. PLEASE! Charge me 1500 bucks, I don’t care, just goddamned build the thing already.

  • microbi

    no viewfinder? no way!

  • photonut

    Interesting, but max ISO 12800 is rather pathetic….

    • spam

      Yes, Iso 12800 is pathetic when highest Iso with reasonably good quality is 3200.

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