Sony updated their statement on A55 and A33 sensor overheating during video recording

Sony updated their previous statement on sensor overheating during video recording - now in some cases the sensor will shut off after only 3 minutes:

Sony sensor overheating during video

Source: Sony

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  • Rob

    Hmmm, 40 degrees C is 104 F. Plan your shots so you don’t burn yourself and your camera out (well, the camera will just shut down). Still, a 3 min clip is substantial, even under worst-case conditions.

  • Bor

    These figures show clearly: the systems are not well engineered – IS has a significant impact on duration here. What a bad compromise …

    • whocares


      You can always disable in-camera IS but you can’t enable IS in 1985 canon or Nikon lens ;o)
      Also these figures only show that Sony is honest about this topic.

      You really think a EOS 7D holds longer in these temperatures?
      Leave alone the 5D with FF sensor…
      Apple iPad overheats in minutes under 30°c and than locks for 15 minutes to cool down.

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