Is this a new Canon camera?

Update: this just in - it seems that the person holding the camera is associated with Canon.

Those pictures were taken today in New York City - they show an unidentified Canon camera housed in a sound blimp. Now, using a sound blimp (used to reduce the sound of the camera's mirror and shutter) makes a lot of sense if you are shooting at a golf game or a theatrical performance, but on the streets of New York? Maybe they used the blimp to cover up a new Canon camera?

For comparison, this is how the back of the Canon EOS 1d Mark III and 1d Mark IV looks like:

What do you think? Is this a new Canon camera?

Full size pictures after the break. Thanks to Vlad from the PurseBlog for sending those in.

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  • Pilgrim

    Looks pretty legit. It looks like we have a new dial on the back. Also, the guy in the background looks like a sound guy. This points toward them testing video features of the camera.

    • SumoDump

      I thought it was a dial too, but it looks like it might actually be the camera strap…?

      • dfoolish1

        Yep, it’s part of the camera strap not a dial.

      • it is the camera strap… how can’t people see it?

    • Which new dial? I don’t see anything different than the current 1D…

  • I love how CanonRumors is always so late about this stuff, but NikonRumors Admin is always on the tips of toes.

    • Global

      Probably because there are no facts to report here. Even if there was a new Canon camera (which there must be somewhere in R&D beings tested somewhere in the world), the problem is that there are no facts discernible in these photos. It does look like the men are working and waiting for something where they are working and not necessarily testing… Who knows?

      • The question is why are they using a sound blimp on the streets of New York – that’s the only indication that this could be a new camera. The guy holding the camera is suppose to be affiliated with Canon.

        • pnutz

          They do a lot of filming of motion pictures in NYC, and the production companies require set photographers to use blimps. It’s as simple as that.

          • They are filming a TV commercial in Downtown Miami today. I saw many photographers with blimps. 1D’s mirrors are loud, u always need a blimp to muffle the sound of the camera…

        • Guys, that is a camera strap plastic hook… That is a 1Ds or 1DIV with a blimp to muffle the sound of the camera on set… Come on. U should know this…

      • BH

        There’s no facts? You realize it’s canonRUMORS right? Not Canon facts… :p

  • mark

    looks like a still photog on a film set(walkie,sound guy)…blimp is SOP.

    • Pilgrim

      Very likely, but I’m still seeing a new dial in the top right. You guys see it too right? Canon has never used one like it as far as I know.

      • Pilgrim

        Hmm.. I’m looking again and maybe I’m seeing a strap from the blimp. What do you think?

        • Mandrake

          That’s part of the strap.

        • That’s the strap!

          • Gabe

            It’s a sTRAP!

          • Nikky

            Well I’d say, it’s the STRAP!

  • chad

    Looks like a 5DII to me…

    • Nikky


  • serge

    why would they be using a sound blimp to conceil a new camera and at the same time use a strap that screams the manufacturers name….

    • WoutK89

      Because Canon can still be any camera. It’s free promotion, you wouldnt want to miss that.

  • Berlinhouse

    Looks like we have soon a new pro body!!!
    incl. a new lens…why should all be covered…!
    Shit, i need this bag:)

  • Now I’m definitely not a Canon expert, but I do know my straps ūüôā And that thing on the back about an inch to the right of the joystick is definitely just a strap. Or, rather, what you see is the little bit of plastic that is used to hold on to the excess strap length, after you adjusted it to fit. The webbing material visible in the picture looks just like a grooved scroll wheel.

    Confused by my explanation ?? You can see what I am talking about in this picture:

  • SumoDump

    Is there anything that actually makes it a new camera. I don’t see anything visibly different

  • rick

    euh maybe he was taking pictures at a film shoot or what so ever and that that is the reason why that ugly sound blimp is around this 1d series camera…
    this is really not a new 1d or what so ever

  • Tarctic

    That is a 5d MarkII.

  • bk

    that is NOT a dial on the top right, its the hand strap attached to the camera. That is a stills photog for a film set. Its SOP to use the blimp.
    There is NOTHING AT ALL suspicious about this photo

  • Kevin

    The viewfinder doesn’t look as raised in the candid photo as those in the product photos.

  • traveller

    Not a 1D series -the viewfinder is too flush to the body. Probably a 5D Mk2, what’s everyone so excited about?

  • JW

    It’s got to be a new camera… The only thing that case is for is to conceal the identity – otherwise it makes the camera near impossible to work with. Nobody works with handcuffs unless there’s a reason.

    • pnutz

      It’s called a sound blimp. They always use that when doing set photography on TV and motion picture sets. It’s not a new camera.

  • Taynt3d

    This is clearly a film/TV set, which is obvious given the guy with the porta brace bag in the background (aka the sound guy). Blimps are SOP for unit photgraphy on set. This is literally nothing new, he’s using a 5D2 in a killer blimp on set. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Stu

    5D2, you can tell by the viewfinder diopter dial.

  • LostBoyNZ

    I wonder if the person who took the photos went and asked the guy what he was holding? If it was a prototype camera he wouldn’t have answered but if it was a 5D2 he probably would have just said so.

  • WT21

    Did anyone, I dunno, ASK the guy? “Hey — what’s that camera?”

    Or did they just take a super telephoto zoom, and it’s all exciting now, thinking it’s something new?

  • Zac

    Its a 5D2 with a different strap.

  • WoutK89

    Why would anyone filming obstruct the manual focus with a blimp?

  • John Doe No. 5

    Ok, let me summarize:

    There is a guy walking around with a concealed Canon camera. From the pictures there is no discernible difference to already released camera bodies. Now just because of the fact that it is concealed, everybody concludes that it is a new camera body???!

    I should go buy this “blimp” thingy, put my 7D inside, walk right into any center of a major city, behave conspiciously and not answer to any questions. Everybody will assume that I am an important guy at Canon and that I am carrying a new camera around.

    Come on guys, there is ZERO evidence here!

    • Catastrophile

      please go out and do it. we badly need any rumor –even a false one– in the current stagnant period after the fall season of announcements. don’t know about others, but personally i have camera announcement withdrawal symptoms.

  • ELK

    Quite agree. Silly. Silly…silly. Right get on with it. Get on with it!

  • Workin out

    I have seen similar boxes used from the shooting of Iron Man 2 during the race scenes. I forget whose blog it was. They were using 5D2’s and placing them in indestructible cases in order to show the wreckage. That’s what it looks like to me.

  • √Öhlborg

    Looks exactly like my 30D, got the same strap as well.

  • josh

    is it not just a 5d mkII with a grip… that was my first instinct anyway…

  • Bernard
  • John Meier

    Dear People,

    Get over yourselves – it’s a 30D!


  • Bruce

    I see nothing to get flustered about here. Must be a slow rumor day… LoL.

  • nicktg

    Now, if he’s using the blimp to protect the camera from prying eyes, why on earth would he use the Canon strap to attract attention?

  • Haha, I work with this guy. That is a 5D MKii.

  • douglas

    You guys crack me up. That is me in the photo using my sound blimp to shoot a tv show. Inside the sound blimp is my Canon 5D MKii. I put a Canon strap on the sound blimp simply so I could carry it around my neck. Sorry to rain on the rumor parade.

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