Panasonic GF2 will come in five different colors

Another Panasonic GF2 leak, this time from China. It seems that the GF2 will come in 5 different colors, it will be 19% smaller and 7% lighter. The rest of the specs are: 12MP sensor, 1920x1080 HD video (AVCHD format), new built-in flash and 3in. LCD screen. The full Google translated text after the break:

"Hot models, as the successor GF1, GF2 reduced by about 19% of the volume and about 7% to reduce the weight of the world's most compact interchangeable lens body. Has a small advantage in the portable at the same time, GF2 also has a 12 million pixel Live MOS sensor, and provide full support for the resolution of 1920 x 1080 HD, shooting 60i (NTSC) or 50i (PAL) in the AVCHD format images. Bounce institutions while the new built-in flash, but also to avoid the flash and interchangeable lenses for short distance between the vignetting effect caused. Panasonic characteristics of the "My Colors Mode" and 46 million pixels 3 inches LCD, the photographer can better stimulate the creative inspiration, and bring a very good shooting and playback viewing experience."
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  • Ray

    still only the black one is attractive due to the lens.. now if they had matching lens color… wow.

    • ItsaChris

      I dont know the red and black looks cool. my only concern with getting this camera is the kit lens is the 14mm (would rather get the 20mm and oly upcoming wide). Oh and touchscreen… I dont like that type of control unless it is the main way to control the electronic system (like iPhone, or slate tablet (aka iPad)) other wise i use the hard keys.

      I think a touchscreen m43 camera could be great in more of a small box type camera like the hasselbalds.

  • Kevin

    46 million pixel LCD?! What for? 3×2 mosaic of full res images?

    • google translate gives me:

      460,000-pixel 3-inch LCD

      Which is a slightly more realistic

  • Only 50i/60i? What about 25/30p? or 24p? Hopefully the full specs will have more.

  • Sky

    Why the heck it’s STILL UGLY?!
    Don’t they have ANY designers out there?

  • Stepper

    Yay-more colors! M4/3’s is really going in the direction that we have all hoped-NOT!!!

  • it’s not a fashion accessory… or is it? I guess that depends on who’s holding it… t

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