Two more images of the new Panasonic GF2

Two more images of the upcoming Panasonic GF2 from different billboard in Paris:

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  • It’s kinda ugly..

  • Bruce

    Anyone notice the thickness of the cameras shown in various posts around the net look different?

  • Camaman

    Kinda yes…
    Also… What is suposed to be its big selling feature?
    No evf, no flash, plastic case, looks like older model…
    What? Touchscreen?

  • stepper

    The thickness looks weird because the perspective is off. It looks like someone tried to adjust the skewed picture of the billboard to make it look more like a straight on shot. Makes it sorta look like a cavalier oblique projection.

  • Axel

    That red dot looks familiar.

  • Bruce

    Don’t Leica have a patent on the red dot?

  • stepper

    The Leica “red dot” is the red circle with the word “Leica” inscribed. I think the red dot you guys are referring to is merely a little dot that is red.

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