Panasonic Lumix GF2 leaks in Paris

Panasonic Lumix GF2 posters are already on display in Paris (Porte de Versailles) where tomorrow the Salon de la Photo show will take place:

Looking at the picture, the new GF2 appears to be thinner than its predecessor:

Expect the official Panasonic GF2 announcement tomorrow.

Via Journaldugeek

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  • Mark

    Top dial is gone. Not a good move in my book.

    • Ala’a

      Ditto! I love the GF-1, and over the past year it’s become my favorite everyday camera. I was hoping for more physical function dials – kinda like what Nikon did with the Coolpix P7000 – that would save the user from frequently hunting for functions the soft way: going to the screen and fishing down various levels of options :-/

  • sam shoots all

    PPL wanted smaller cameras right? Thus the reason for no top mode dial. Why complain? The back is probably the same as the LX5, as long as there is a dial back there still. I’d wait for the Olympus PEN version…It’s gonna be an awesome camera!

  • I got to say if this is the camera its a disappointing size.
    smaller is better… for me.
    but only removing the flash and dial does not bring down the size as much as i would like to see.

    in my mind they could build a small box with a sliding handle that had the look of an ultra small hasselblad and that would be fine. 60 x 60 x 40mm (non collapsed 80 x60 x 40). small flip touch screen. just dreaming here.

  • Iorick

    No flash? No viewfinder? What’s the point? Who design this? Probably someone who wants Olympus to kill Pana’s chances to win the market!

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