Pentax K-5 firmware update will be released soon

Pentax K-5

Pentax K-5

Pentax is expecting to release new firmware update for the latest K-5 DSLR camera. The update will include:

  1. Increases the number of continuous shot at RAW and RAW+ mode (setting condition: RAW(PEF)/ISO100, increases the number of continuous shot from maximum approx. 8 frames to approx. 20 frames)
  2. Improved stability for general performance.

Update: ok, I was wrong - the Nikon D7000 scored 80 points, 2 points lower than the K-5. Pentax remains the leader (even though I think the K-5 should be compared with the D300s replacement and not with the D7000).

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  • Carlos R B

    I dont think the D7000 will match K5s DR…for the record, im a Nikon user….

  • XM

    “FYI: the latest DXoMark rating show that Pentax K-5 beats out Canon 5D Mk II, 7D, Nikon D700 and D300s… I am sure this will change once they test the Nikon D7000.”

    So once DXO tests the Nikon D7000, the K-5’s ratings will drop below those of the cameras it currently beats? The D7000’s ratings will be so awesome that it will actually make the K-5 a lesser camera than it was before?

    You might want to edit that.

    • I was just talking in terms of DXoMark ratings, the K-5 will still beat all those cameras but let’s don’t forget that some of them are few years old. It will make sense to compare the K-5 (announced a month ago) with the latest cameras from other manufacturers and not with older models. Still, I was surprised of the high rating, even though this is just technical measurement of the sensor.

    • Indeed.. The D7000 wont make the K5 a worse camera. I think the D7000 is close to the K5 (based on the samples I have seen).

      Those 2 year old cameras are still almost twice as expensive. Some even more. Those are also FF. If the K5 has better scores it is a great performance. The new generation FF sensors will probably outperform the K5.

  • Mike

    Pentax users just get on with using their cameras .. Nikon users seem to just worry about how theirs performs against others. I am sure that should the D7000 not better the K-5 you will be coming back here to eat humble pie?. If it does then great .. go out and use it.

    • Carlos R B

      hummmm…a little overeacting, dont you think? nikon users dont take pictures and just worry about how theirs performs against others?….

  • You only sound sliiiightly biased in that last paragraph.

  • Iorick

    Just take a further reading about DXO tests. And look at the low light (high Iso)numbers…. I’m glad for Pentax, but dont expect too much for a APSC camera, although I dont doubt that, for the moment, K5 has the best sensor of it’s class. But, like you can read at DXO review, a camera isn’t just the sensor. Congratulations Pentax! (and pentaxians).

  • @update

    You might be right about that it would probably be Pentax K5 vs. Nikon “D400”. The same as K7 vs. D300s. That is probably because they are both their top APS-C cameras. On the other hand I dont think Pentax has the same class. Build quality is around the D300s class, but the functions and size are more like the D7000. Same for the price tag. Here in Europe the K5 and D7000 have only a €50 price difference. That puts it in the same range for most people (most look at what they can spend).

    Sorry for posting on both sites.. but I like to read both and forgot you own both 😉

  • For sure the next generation FF will leapfrog the K-5. But with each successive generation, APS-C is proving to be “good enough” for a growing swath of photographers.

    Once APS-C cameras can take good photos in candlelit rooms, how many photographers will need the “total darkness” advantage that FF will offer and be willing to sacrifice cost and bulk for it?

    Real world samples of the Pentax K-5 can be found on Flickr. Join the “Pentax K-5 Fan Club” and see what all the fuss is about!

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