Few pictures from PDN PhotoPlus Expo 2010

I finally got some time to upload few images from PDN PhotoPlus Expo 2010 that ended last week.


Pentax had a big table (not really a booth) with all of their latest products, including the 645D. You can download a sample RAW file taken with the 645D here (DropBox is great for sharing large files):


Sony had the second largest booth on the show (after Canon) and there had a lot of equipment on display as well as presentations and even some BMX action:


Under thick glass, Olympus had their Zuiko-equipped compact camera prototype on display:


Canon booth was all about video and white lenses. They had various video rigs on display (the last picture is actually from the Schneider stand) and at all times there was an ongoing presentation:

And at the end, no show would be complete without the Bigma (they did not have a camera attached to the lens this time, WHY?):

You can also see pictures from the Nikon and Leica booths.

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  • Teri Jones

    I downloaded the sample RAW file taken with the 645D and apparently there seems to be a problem with the sensor (maybe). If you zoom on the right persons head you’ll notice a vertical line… nice…!

    • Ouch, I actually checked my other few samples and they all had this line – it was present on both DNG and JPG files.

  • that is sure why, because this lens is as all sigma lenses pretty useless and only marketing stunt.
    First introduced for some 20000Eur, then dropped to like 16000 within a few months, now “available*” for 13000

    *as none have it in stock but will happily order it if you are fool enough to want it.

    • Sky

      It’s one of the things that look stunning on shows, but not anywhere else. IMO majority of these lenses is spread across local Sigma distributors which attends to trade shows around the country. 😉

  • Stepper

    I’m not a fan of Sony but I gotta admit that those NEX lenses are some of the sexiest looking things on this planet!

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