Panasonic GF2 gets a price and a release date *updated*

Update #2: Panasonic GF2 will be available in Japan on December 3rd (source).

Update: another Amazon UK entry lists the GF2 at £599.

Panasonic usually reveals their pricing 30 days before the camera is released for sale, but according to Amazon UK, the Panasonic GF2 will cost £729.99 and will be released on January 24, 2011:

FYI: Panasonic GF1 currently sells for almost half price (£404).

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  • Parci

    Not with the 2 lens kit… don’t forget that the 14/2.5 costs 400 usd in itself.

  • Harold Ellis

    lol. will rather get D5000 and 35f1.8

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  • Camaman

    My God this camera is priced like it is the only and best performing picture taking revolutionary machine in the world!
    Highest it should cost is £500, offering the current array of features…
    £700 is just fools tax… sorry but full size cameras cost that much, not pocket toys

    • Harold Ellis

      yea exactly. then those fools realize that with such huge lenses it is not more pocketable or compact then real DSLR and will facepalm them self

  • traveller

    I wouldn’t believe that £730 will be the final retail price for two reasons:

    1) Amazon still don’t know what Panasonic will recommend as the retail price, so they are naming a price they know it will sell for less than.

    2) Launch day prices are ridiculous in the UK and drop fairly swiftly -generally within a month (once the initial ‘must have first’ purchasers have bought theirs). For example the Canon 60D launched at £1099 body only (a 7D could be had for £1199 at the time), but now you can get one for £796 (still more than the US!).

  • chris

    yes.. it will come down in price..
    but just look at the gf1 price compared to samsung nx100..

    body + kit lens
    gf1 530€
    nx100 420€

    body + kit lens + 20/30mm prime
    gf1 860€
    nx100 620€

    panasonics prices are pretty ridiculous. their only advantage right now are a couple more (overpriced) lenses and video performance..
    next year samsung will already have better lenses (more primes + 60mm macro, super zoom) and all reasonably priced.
    m4/3 is flawed from the beginning. they also killed 4/3 already.

    I also think that 4/3 and m4/3 users have stockholm syndrome hehe

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