Clever patent from Olympus

Olympus filed an interesting patent in Japan that will allow you to use the camera strap as a glare shield. This will make also the LCD screen visible in bright sunlight. Clever.


  • Patent publication: 2010-249943
  • Release date: 11/04/2010
  • Filing date 04/14/2009


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  • Catastrophile

    Yes clever, but with the strap sagging from the two sides of the LCD, the camera looks like an a$$.

    • GlobalGuy

      You guys are too negative.

      This is a great idea. But what they should do is have it “buckle” to the strap (a 3-sided piece), so that you can store it on the strap itself. Since 2 sides might be made of rubber and one side is cloth, that would be quite efficient. Snap onto strap when not in use, snap on camera body when its bright out.

  • sdfjsldf

    clever? Hm, not really.
    How about creating displays finally sun readable like video cameras and some phones have?

  • meowmeow

    wow… dumbest invention EVER……..

    you have to take the strap off, install it, and use it as a half ass glare shield? that’s something called, the HAND. OMG wow…… EPIC FAILURE

  • g


  • More useful than Olympus’ art filters.

  • Rob

    Was the guy who thought of this high?

  • Camaman

    How about them patenting an aditional conection points on camera so that strap can be used as sling shot?!
    I cant stand the weight of todays system weighting down on my neck!

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