A black Fujifilm X100 will be even better

The Fujifilm X100 was clearly the star of the Photokina 2010 show. I wonder if Fuji will consider a black version of the camera (not a rumor, just a PS job):

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  • Erik

    Leica killer!

  • Bob

    I want the choice of red, blue, pink, and technicolor barf, just like Pentax is offering…..

  • Jorgen

    Preferably a black paint on brass version…

  • Personally, I think the silver version looks better. But I also favor the chrome Leicas … 🙂

    • Me too. This looks like any other plastic P&S. Chrome is retro!

  • Bjorn

    Black is always in style, sometimes however you want fun colours. Perhaps a paisley design would be nice…?

  • mochapaulo

    how about a safari limited edition or a pure white? Jobs Steve should want one. lol

  • Quash

    Black/silver or straight black are very personal preferences and people have strong feelings. I think a camera company manufacturing a camera like this can never go wrong producing both versions. I like the black and silver version but I can see why some would love straight black – especially street shooters.

  • Quash

    PRAdmin, thanks for covering this camera, even if only for a fun photoshop job. I would love for you to become the official rumour site of choice for the Fuji X100. It has stopped me from buying the D7000 and may cause me to move away from Nikon if it has good IQ and the US price doesn’t creep above the stated $1000 price.

    • I will continue to cover it, especially since I am also interested in purchasing one.

  • eric

    I am planning on buying the X100… only if it is all black.

    Looks amazing!

  • Stepper

    I still say they should offer different versions of the X100 with different lenses.
    Imagine having a three camera kit consisting of 3 X100’s. One with a wide angle lens, one with a normal lens and one with a telephoto. Each one differentiated by their different lenses and different colored grips. One in black, one in honey brown and one in burgundy.

    • I’ve often thought about three fixed lens models like you mention. The different color grips is an interesting thought for differentiation.

  • sam shoots all

    I would love to get this camera!! OH wait…Olympus has one up their sleeves for SPRING ’11. And it should be ready by SUMMER ’11, just in time for a self B-day present!!? Well, whatever Olympus have planned, hopefully it’s TRUE. “Keep shooting Away!!

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