Olympus files a patent for a modular DSLR camera

Olympus filed a patent application for a modular DSLR camera. Here is the description of the system:

"The present invention relates to an optical unit to which an imaging optical system is detachably attached, an imaging unit, an imaging body, and an imaging device.

There is known a camera capable of exchanging an imaging element with another imaging element of a different size according to the purpose (refer to Patent Document 1). This camera has a horizontally-long box-like camera body and a photographing lens for silver salt single-lens reflex camera... Further, this camera has a configuration allowing exchange of a CCD substrate and thus different types of digital cameras can be realized by one camera body.

The shutter is disposed between the attachment/detachment portion and the intermediate image.

An imaging body according to a second aspect of the present invention includes: an attachment/detachment portion to which an optical unit is detachably attached; an imaging element; a conversion optical system; and a finder optical system, wherein the conversion optical system is designed to form an intermediate image, the finder optical system has an optical path folding member, the optical path folding member is disposed opposite to the imaging element with respect to the attachment/detachment portion, the direction of a reflecting surface of the optical path folding member is set such that the optical axis of the folded optical path is parallel to the optical axis of the conversion optical system, and another optical system is disposed on the folded optical path."

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  • This might be interesting… ūüôā

  • Catastrophile

    it sounds like a bad google translation or that the inventor must have been smoking something.

  • Axel

    Very good move by Olympus. It makes total sense. The only think I would have allowed for in this diagram is the use of interchangeable lenses. Why throw away the prism box, shutter, and lens, when all you might want to upgrade is the sensor? I like it.

    • panfruit

      It might certainly be fun — mix and match and collect them!

  • rolfen

    Nice idea but kinda late. For the last 2 decades or so, if you wanted to stay up-to-date, you had to buy a new body every couple of years at most. Now the sensor development has stabilized and slowed down, so if this feature hits the market in (presumably) a couple of years, it’ll be a little late, compared to when it made the most sense for consumers. It can still be useful for having “specialized” sensors (low light, high dr), a bit like you’d swap films on your film body depending on the situation, but that’s somewhat niche.

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