Fuji X100: the viewfinder

Fuji published a new chapter about the X100 viewfinder. In a nutshell:

  • "The viewfinder magnification of 0.5 is generally considered the easiest to see in the case of a camera equipped with a lens with a 35mm focal length (135 equivalent) – not too low and not too high.
  • The X100 viewfinder has a high-resolution 1,440,000-dot, 0.47-inch LCD.
  • The View finder has a shutter too: because the frame is reflected through the prism, and the subject image is passed through the prism and delivered to the viewing eye, the blocking of light from the originating subject image side would enable the use of the LCD image as an EVF (electronic viewfinder) with 100% coverage. In order to achieve this, a 'Finder Shutter' is necessary."

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    • JB

      So… how difficult is it going to be to manually focus on this camera? Having usable manual focus is the aspect I miss most from the film days.

    • jim

      I asked this of the Fujiguys and got this response a few days back:

      Q. I understand this is not a rangefinder camera. However, when in OVF mode, is there any way to manually focus the camera where I can visually confirm focus? I assume as I manually focus the camera I will see the distance scale in the projected distance bar change? When I hit correct focus, as determined by the camera, will I then see an indicator light of some sort appear?

      A. Manual Focus Confirmation/Indication = TBD

    • sgts

      eh ??? i thought the easiest focal length with aps-c is ………….28 mm, not 35.

      this is going to be crap for shooting indoors at 35mm – impossible.

      i heard it was 20mm before so perhaps im wrong – i hope so – 35mm is unusable indoors.

      • Um.

        …I don’t even know what to say to this. How exactly is 35mm “unusable” for shooting indoors? The lens is a 23mm, on APS-C that is the equivalent to a 35mm lens on 35mm film.

        I’m very impressed with this camera the more I read about it. Let’s see what they can do about manual focus.

    • Camaman

      Just remembe that that figure of 1440000 dots translates into 480k LCD and 800×600 resolution in usual LCD speak.
      Panasonic had this for years… Is it the same size as X100?
      When are we going to se 1280 or at least 1024 EVF or VR glasses LCDs!?
      At least they inovated in combining it with OVF. Thats, pretty cool!:-)

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