The first RED Epic camera got stolen, $100,000 reward announced

It was just 10 days ago when the first RED Epic-M camera got shipped and now it's stolen. The above is an actual picture of the stolen camera. The founder of RED Jim Jannard announced a $100,000 reward for the safe return of the camera and conviction of the thieves:

"While it is not usually our position to offer rewards for our customers stolen property, this one is an exception. EPIC #00006 is truly a historic camera. It is the very 1st EPIC shipped to one of our customers and the way it was taken irritates me no end.

We are now offering $100,000 for the safe return of EPIC #00006 and the rest of the system including the media with Mark's files... and the arrest and conviction of those that broke into Mark's chalet in France. We will ONLY pay this amount if there is an arrest and conviction of the parties as we are not interested to be ransomed by thieves.
If you have any information regarding the theft, the location of Mark's property or any details that might solve this case, please contact anyone at RED and they will make sure I hear about it.

Posting information on REDUSER is NOT a good idea for several reasons, including your own safety. Please do NOT post any information you have obtained. Any post we see on REDUSER regarding information on this case will be deleted."

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  • regular

    In which ski ressort did that happen?

    • Mark

      Meribel, I think.

      Hopefully the reward will flush out the thieves.

  • camaman

    Were they filming their Company’s Christmas party, some employee just had enough!

    Seriously though… How do they plan on funding that reward? Did they took out a loan?
    Which bank signed off on that?
    But why even offer it… does RED actually really plans on selling those, like soon.
    Who cares! Build yourselves another.

    • Zaph

      Maybe because #00006 is actually #00001, of 1?

  • bob

    try WIKI LEAKS…..maybe they know the wherabouts of this camera…or better the perpetuators LOL


    Guess what…..
    Because this camera was stolen the production will be delayed (we don’t want our customers to overcome the same).

    and thanks for free advertising.

    (next message will be “Stolen camera found in stolen car”

    • zack


  • Axel

    It was the Russians. It all makes sense.

  • Camaman

    They will delay tge release for sure. The “newnes” of the camera has now been spoiled.
    They will spin this how their customers deserve tge absolute elite, and should wait to be amased at their revised version.
    Tgey don’t deserve to handle “old” gear hacked before even reaching the market!

  • The Russians

    It wasn’t us!
    If it was 58M – that’s another story….

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