Canon rumors: US price increase plus new compact cameras for CES 2011

The rumor is that Canon will have a price increase in the US on February 1st, 2011 due to the weak US dollar. Canon will also be discontinuing all current A series point and shoot cameras on January 5th, 2011 (expect new p&s camera announcements during CES 2011). The SD1300, SD1400, SD3500, sd4000 models will be discontinued on February 7th, 2011 and will also be replaced.

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  • Yianni

    We had the same problem here in Australia when our currency hit a low of ~.60 USD during the world recession.

    Now that our Australian dollar has bounced back and 1 Australia dollar is buying an all time high of 1.02 USD all we’ve seen in the past year has been good prices and price cuts so I do feel for you guys over in the US.

    Looking forward to seeing some new compacts for 2011! The megapixel count will no doubt increase once again which is a little worrying.

  • Canon has to do what it has to do in order to protect its business, but with every new lens that is coming out anyway there is a price increase. 🙁 Sadly this means that it is going to be harder for people like me to afford Canon products.

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