Sony shows A700 successor at CES 2011

At CES 2011 Sony showed a prototypes of the A700 successor, an unidentified lens and a new flash:

No specs or release dates were provided. Photographybay has more photos of the camera.

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  • no nikon, at least sony. nice.

  • Peter S

    Great! I always prefer my cameras made out of wood anyway!

  • anonimo
  • Dude

    (sadly) the same stuff as shown at photokina.

    • A700

      It has been mentioned that the actual camera will be different than this mockup. Many design changes and newer technology has been introduced to the latest design.

      I expect this camera to be a showstopper, as I am quite impressed with the latest A5XX, NEX, and SLT bodies. I recently sold my 700 and will be using the 580. The increased low light performance was worth the tradeoffs in my case.

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