Did you hear about this WVIL camera? (updated, but still a hoax)

Update: a reader was able to located the website that has more info on this "camera": www.artefactgroup.com/wvil. If you look at the main page (www.artefactgroup.com),  Artefactgroup is design firm out of Seattle.

According to the YouTube video below, this camera concept was shown on CES 2011 and since I could not find any coverage online, I have to conclude that it was a hoax. What do you think?

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  • Luc

    so whats up with the homepage on his shirt?! 😀


    • thanks for the link, I updated the post

  • gluglu

    1. look at the feet at the left hand side of the frame (the feet of the guy filming it)
    they are already there at the beginning of the clip, when the camera is still approaching the group of people.

    2. the guy presenting this “thing” is obviously german, but why has he saved his mother’s contacts as “Mom”?

    • AZBoomer

      LOL Good catch for your 1. comment 🙂

    • gluglu

      i should clarify:
      1. look at the feet at the left hand side of the live-view frame of the camera thing (the feet of the guy filming it)
      they are already there at the beginning of the clip, when guy filming the clip is still approaching the group of people.

  • AZBoomer

    Fake Fake Fake. Watch it a few times. too many mistakes made with the wrong people walking by/lens angles when the camera is detached from the camera.

  • Luc

    They’re saying on their homepage that this is a concept for cameras which will be in 3 years from now!

  • Huggs

    Just a concept. Nice acting on everyone’s part, though.

  • Tiago Reis

    This is very like a nexus.

  • Mark

    I’m saying here in the comments that I will have my own WVIL out in 3 years. 65MP, 25g with battery, 6x7cm sensor, 125fps@5K (mono sound only, sorry).

  • woble

    Phantom console dejavu anyone?

  • DolphLundgren

    Just check the names, written on their acreditation forms; Tucker S. and Fernd van E. – industrial designers. Which means mistery solved …

  • Looks like an iphone 4 with an sony lens

  • El Aura

    Thom Hogan has talked about a group of people he knows thinking about building a modular, open-source camera. Could be completely independent but the idea to build a camera that has both some modularity (eg, by enabling AF with lenses from several brands) and offering the third-party access to write software for it (ie, ‘apps’) and connectivity of a smartphone certainly has some appeal (and is something no camera-maker is likely to do themselves).

  • Global

    Evil Weevils??? 🙂

  • Renato

    Maybe it is a Sony NEX + Iphone?

  • mandrake

    We’re at CES!…oh no photos please lol!

  • Rick

    Looks a lot like an iPhone, but a good idea.

  • iS

    Hopefully, that is an iPhone 5. Although the green and red buttons are reversed.

  • Nobody Special

    Look, whether it’s the real deal or not, someone has gone to the expense of created the web page and cobbed together a finished ‘camera’ that has power in it, etc.

    Either way, it’s probably a pretty safe bet that eventually someone will develop an idea like this – technology is moving forward. If I were any of the big companies I’ll bet they’ll be checking this whole concept out – it would be a huge seller with the adapters – and most importantly a big FF sensor.

    Still, as interesting as it is – would it replace any of the big Pro and Prosumer cameras? Or, would it have the longevity or quality and durability that they have?

  • about the feet, its really weird composition..
    and many things seems not in the right time(?)
    but the concept its nice, although makes me wonder, “why should be in 3 years? i’m assuming it can be produce these year instantly”.

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