Fuji FinePix X100 shutter and aperture demo (video)

According to the Fuji Guys, the Fuji X100 uses four leaf shutter that allow for high speed flash sync, quiet operation and better durability. Here is their latest video demonstrating the Fuji X100 shutter and aperture:

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  • Axel


    The beep is annoying. I wonder if it will go silent mode.

  • chris

    hmm.. leaf shutter is pretty awesome for flash work espacially outside because you can you use all shutter speeds as far as i know (well at least up to 1/1000 if you use cheap transmitter, dont know at what speed the pocket wizard syncs)
    i just wish they made the the lens changeable.. 24mm (35ff) is already awesome but would be pretty neat to also have a 85mm ff equivalent.

  • Grant


  • The aperture is just sweet. Circular on all settings. I’m expecting a beautiful bokeh from f 2.0 to 16 🙂

  • PPL

    You can put the sounds “off”.

    Best regards.

  • Lens, shutter, bokeh, whatever… Just make it in all BLACK version!!!

  • PPL

    No black version provided…

  • Grant

    It looks nice the way it is, but… I will probably paint mine black.

  • broxibear

    Beautiful little camera…but £1000 is a lot when you can get a GF1 + 20mm Lens for £450 ?

    • chris

      you also need to add the evf to that gf1 package which adds another 170 pound (on amazon.co.uk) = 620 british pounds.
      keep in mind that the 1000 pounds is the official start price.. shop ususally have it 100-200 pounds cheap within 6-8 weeks

      here in germany the gf1
      started at 650€
      was at 550€ two month later
      was at 470€ four month after start.

      also the fuji lens will probably be superior to the panasonic which has pretty bad bokeh quality (the fuji for example always has a rounded aperture at any f stop + leaf shutter (which for example is really nice for outdoor flash work because you can use all shutter speeds)

      • broxibear

        Yeah you’ll have to add the viewfinder but the Lumix G 20mm F1.7 is a quality lens http://www.dpreview.com/lensreviews/panasonic_20_1p7_o20/page4.asp
        The Fuji is more of a niche product and because of that the price will remain high for a long time…It’s availabe to pre-order at parkcameras for £1020 and something tells me there won’t be a lot of stock around either.

        • there is no bokeh on m4/3 you can directly use P&S!
          X100 will be APS

          • WT21

            “there is no bokeh on m4/3 you can directly use P&S!”


          • chris

            it is true.. the pana 20mm is only a 40mm f3.4 .. for 350€ lol
            the samsung is 45mm f2.8 equivalent for only 200€

            panasonic prices are rediculous.

        • chris

          check the review of both the panasonic 20mm and the samsung 30mm on photozone.de
          the samsung is a much better allround performance

          3.26% barrel distortion and 1,48ev vignetting at f1.7 are just ridiculous and the bokeh is ugly..

          but sure if you only look for resolution charts on dpreview you might think the pana 20mm is a great lens : P

  • JUST BRING IT ON GUYYYYYYYS! i am buying 2 without even bothering to wait for review.

  • Soon…tic…tac…tic…tac…

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