Fuji X100 updates including first photo samples

credit: The Fuji Guys

  • A Norwegian website got a hold of a pre-production version of the Fuji X100 and posted multiple test images at different ISO. Check it out asap because I am afraid the review will be pulled down. Update: yes, all Fuji x100 sample images were removed from the site.
  • Dpreview published a preview of the camera (without sample images).

    • Distance index bar is displayed when using manual focus on the Fuji X100
    • Filters in the Fuji X100: Ye filter=low contrast, G filter=bright greens,dark red, r filter=strong contrast (color filters)
    • By using the AF button in combination with the command level/dial, you can decrease the AF area of the Fuji X100
    • Fuji X100 bulb mode: maximum time shutter stays open is 60 minutes
    • Fuji X100 mode dial demo video:

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  • AS

    This little camera is awesome!

    Even if it’s a pre Alpha release, the high ISO noise is so low (even lower than Nikon D7000) and has better detail over ISO 6400 to.

    • amien

      3 THINGS :

      To slow prime lens
      Why not a 16-35mm 2.8 top quality zoom ?
      Price should be lower for the specs. (599$ sounds way better)
      I would pay 2-3K for a 3-Prime lens FF or aps-c camera (bolex style evil), this would be the perfect pocketable cam & the only travel cam. ever needed !!!

      • todd

        Well said Anon. He (amien) obviously doesn’t fit into the intended market for this camera. .

        • amien

          So you switch pseudos to answer yourself. Poor childish low minded teenager you are !

          admin should be checking this forum from time to time !

        • Amien, I am moderating every single comment, I just don’t see any problems here

        • amien

          no problems here ? : Anon (or someone else ?) wrote : “mothafucka”

          • Anon

            And now you have said it.

        • oh, wow – did not see that, sorry fixed now

      • Bob

        I’d also like a D3s in a Olympus XA body for $500 and a Noctilux for $250, but that ain’t happening two/to/too.

      • Amien, sorry – I did not see that word, deleted the whole thread

  • looks like he is tuning WB of the video with that focus ring… 😀

  • john

    I thought I’d read somewhere that the aperture ring had clicks between the full stops for half-stop increments. It doesn’t seem that way on this video. I was really looking forward to precise and accurate half stops between f/2 and f/16, as well as “fudging” the aperture between half stops.

    Can anyone else speak to the half-stop settings on this lens?

  • just bring it to shops guys!!!!!!

  • Dedpihto

    ‘ 🙂
    GreatColours = True

    ‘ 🙁
    GreatSharpnes = False

  • Gareth

    certainly seems softer than i would like, but then all the photos bar one are at slow shutter speeds, and the fast one is a iso 6400 landcape…

    The fruit is almost sharp (almonds), were they using a tripod? if yes then too soft, if not, then acceptable.

    The arm, was the lady walking? If so, then very acceptable, if not, then possibly still aceptable at that shutter speed.

    The other pics, well is must be bloody dark in Norway to have to shoot at 1 / 210 sec, f/2.0, ISO 200 in the middle of the day. I also have no idea where the focus point is.

    Still looks promising, though I would like to see some really sharp shots.

  • amien

    Stop complaining !!! c- Anon already bought 3X for his “collection”, being such a true photographer he really needs them all to b “tha man”. He glued the 3 cams on a transversal stick to gain a 3X zoom lens !!!

  • camaman

    Where’s the gallery?
    I can’t find it… 🙁

  • Gareth
  • Gareth

    pics have been removed, please see my comments. if anything i would say that the camera looks more promising.

    i wish they could have posted some better stuff. now we will have to wait months to see anything.

  • Faulkner

    Has anyone downloaded the pictures before they were taken off?

  • Niels

    The most interesting samples are here; http://imgur.com/a/rwm7f#s4mR7, comparing to D7000.
    Im sorry guys, I cant for the death of me see the X100 in the same leage as the D7000. There are a *lot* of NR and some sharpening on the X100 samples. But as the norwegeans wrote, the soft/firmware are pre-alfa, and pictures are jpeg :=) Much will change for the better – but these arnt good enough. Kind Regards

  • Gareth


    that looks VERY usable to me.

    • Niels

      Well I guess it all depends on the eyes that see, Gareth >S< Best part is of course, that they will be even better then hehe :=)

      Kind Regards

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