If someone will be acquiring Kodak, now would be a good time

Kodak was already in a bad shape and it got even worse today (source: Marketwatch):

"Eastman Kodak Co. said Wednesday that its fourth-quarter profit dropped 95%, as revenue declined in both the company’s traditional film business and its digital segment."

There were some speculations last month that Kodak is for sale. The stock is currently down over 15%. If someone is interested in buying Kodak, there is a discount today.

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  • Royalan

    I better stock up on 120 T-Max 400, or learn to use Chinese film. Fuji discontinued their 400 speed film, and Delta 400 doesn’t work so good for me.

    • Anonymous


  • Gene

    I hope Olympus buys Kodak.

    • Inge-M.

      Yes i to!

  • broxibear

    Or if someone was thinking about acquiring kodak they could let it go into administration and pick up all the assets at a knock down price ?
    “fourth-quarter profit plunged 95% and revenue fell short of expectations as the company suffered steep declines related to traditional film and its digital segment ”

  • They make good sensors.. I hope someone can safe that part of the company.

  • Just A Thought

    Never try and catch a falling knife. There is no reason for the stock price to stop falling. If she touches below $2 then there will be tidal wave of selling, as $2 is min requirement to buy on margin with most brokers.

    • I think the post was implying good time for other companies to buy kodak.. Not for indivivuals to buy shares..

      • Global

        Its irrelevant who is buying if one considers this a “correction” and not a “discount”. If its a correction you should wait for the bottom. If its irrational, then all bets are off, look at the fundamentals again.

  • hi

    doesn’t Kodak develop sensors for Leica? I wonder how this will affect them.

    • Din

      They will find other supplier and probably change to CMOS sensors.

    • Also for the Pentax 645D and maybe some other medium format cameras..

  • Din

    What could Kodak offer to other big company?
    The CCD is not a big business, the film are almost dead and the optical technology is well handled for many others.
    Patents? probably, but I think could be very dangerous for other company a big investment just to make sensors for Leica.

    • Adde

      The name (brand) to be used to do cheap cameras. Maybe som chinese company comes along.

  • eyecee

    Time for Nikon to buy Kodak for their chip manufacturing facilities and IP…

    • Just A Thought

      And what about the boat loads of debt?

  • asu

    i hope nikon will buy kodak, so they can make own sensor..
    n nikon + leica could make super camera


    • amien

      Brint the Kodachrome sensor !!! this will solve the issue 🙂

  • Igorek7
  • Fabio27

    They have been a ded company walking for a long time.

    • Global

      I wonder if Polaroid suing them for $1 Billion in 1986 triggered the downfall and its just been a long time coming.

      Anyway, ouch:
      “In December 2010, Standard & Poor’s removed Kodak from its S&P 500 index.”

  • I got $3.50. I’ll take the whole thing.

  • Below a buck and they’ll get de-listed.

  • I wish i see Kodak making real profesional stuff. It’s a great brand for me. 🙁

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