Tokina to show a new 400mm f/6.3 lenses

Remember the Tokina AT-X 17-35mm f/4 PRO FX lens prototype that nobody covered during Photokina 2010?

Tokina will show the same lens again at the CP+ Show in Japan together with a new Kenko 400mm f/6.3 super telephoto lens:

Tokina did produce a 400mm f/6.3 lens in the past.

Update: the 400mm f/6.3 lens will be a mirror lens, similar to this:

Click here to see a full lists of Kenko Tokina products at the CP+ show.

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  • Craig Houdeshell

    What is the point of a 400mm 6.3 lens? Who is the market for this product? I have a f5.6 400mm lens now that is worthless to me and it is largely used as a paperweight.

    For the bird or wildlife photog the 6.3 lens limits the “edge of the day” usefulness, when the beasts are active, to just about zero.

    Alternately, the wide angle is interesting. I have the DX version and it is a great, great piece of glass.

    • Sky

      Well, imagine yourself that people use lenses like 500 f/8 mirror or even 800mm telephoto.

  • 400mm F6.3 is not Tokina but Kenko brand lens, with mirror.

    • I did not see “with mirror” in the description (I used Google translation). If the lens will be with a mirror, it will be something similar to this lens.

      • It says “Kenko Mirror Lens” not “Kenkomirarenzu”

        • Thanks, this was Google translation. I will update the post.

  • Yes this type.

    • Craig Houdeshell

      Then, since it is a mirror lens, it is even more useless than I state in my OP.


    The difference between small mirro-less cameras and the traditional larger DSLR should also be in the systems lenses. DSLRs shold have a lot of AFFORDABLE longer telephotos and ultra telephotos and zooms.

    Nikon is coming (still a rumor) with a 200-500mm lens. Sony also neeeds longer lenses to compete…… Who is going to challenge the Canon 400mm f 5.6 after all those years!!!! Or make Canon update this particular lens with IS? Surely not this new 400mm mirror lens!

    An advice to camera users. NEVER buy a mirror lens. Some years ago I have bought a new mirror lens Sigma 600mm f8 which in sort time degraded (its mirrors) in an ultro soft unusable lens. This despite its original lack of contrast and horrible (doughnut shapes) out of focus background.

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