Fuji X100 update

Today Fuji officially announced the X100 camera to the US market (?). This means only one thing: pre-orders are now accepted. Price and delivery dates are unchanged. Here are the latest FujiFilm X100 updates:

    • Fuji X100 OVF display explained:

    • Fuji X100 LCD display:

  • Fuji X100 buttons:

  • Adapter ring and lens hood for Fuji X100:

Fuji X100 white balance can be in Kelvin scale. You can use either the LCD screen or the viewfinder to compose and take a photo. There is no intervalometer/electronic remote, however there is a thread for cable release. Expected release date is March 18th. Detailed Fuji X100 photos and comparisons with other similar size cameras are available here. Fuji also published several sample pictures taken with the X100. The X100 brochure can be downloaded here (pdf).

Fuji X100 unboxing and first look videos:

All updates via The Fuji Guys

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  • HFD Whalers

    Looks like a very nice camera. Can’t wait to get my hands on one. However still not sure if it is something I will own, at least not at $1200…

  • regular

    is it me or the lens exhibits a noticeable barrel effect? like on the train photo.

  • broxibear

    Beautiful camera but £1000 is a lot…it’ll be interesting to see how many they actually sell considering you can buy a GF1 + 20mm for £480 ?
    You could argue that Fuji are going for the Leica X1 market and not the GF1, but that is a very small market…lets see what the comparison tests and reviews reveal.
    If anyone at Fuji would like to give me a free X100 as gift for all those rolls of Fujichrome I used to buy that would be great lol ?

  • Bruce

    I’m sticking with my $700 NEX-5 and bags full of legacy Nikkor, Leica, Canon FD, Konica, CV, and…. glass. X100 looks nice but just too limited flexibility for my uses.

  • jack

    Glad I saw this…I was planning on preordering, but official sample images are horribly underwhelming… I like the results from the Ricoh better.

    Apart from the styling and amazing viewfinder, I’m just not feeling it. Lens is too short for bokeh, doesn’t look to be all THAT sharp. Images are clean, but nothing special.

    I’m sure it will sell well initially, but I have a strong feeling that there will be a lot of used ones floating around shortly after.

    Lastly, this is going to come across as racist, but the Asian host’s English is rather unpleasant–they should have let the other guy host.

    • Igorek7

      There is a more serious discussion about the samples quality on the DPReview FujiFilm Forum than just general statements “I didn’t like it”:
      The important things to consider is that all those samples were shot: as Jpeg and not passed through an image processor or edited; in Provia film simulation mode ; at ISO 200; at DR 100%,… ” Overall impression is quite good, and I’ll be no surprised to read some positive reviews. The price hopefully will go down as soon as all the hype calm down a bit.

  • Alex

    Err, my work has had a price for this camera listed online for a while now and we’ve been taking pre-orders too. In New Zealand BTW.

  • Looks like a very fun gadget to take photos with 😀
    The OVF especially looks quite advanced. I wonder if it’ll be incorporated into the upcoming Nikon bodies :p

  • Simon

    I’ve preorederd. When I rang my local shop in my little out-of-the way city I was 6th in line.
    All this fuss! if it’s 80% as good as it could be it will still be much better than it needed to be for me to buy it. I used to use an FM2 +35mm 2.8 for most of my professional work.
    For me the deal is
    Right sized sensor
    Best focal length (sure I use zooms these days, but my pics are no better than when I used primes)
    OVF in a small body. Focussing and composing at arms length sucks. It’s not how I want to do things.
    Ergonomics: real cameras are ready to go right away. They don’t buzz and extend their lens (X1) to make you wait.
    The fact that it looks gorgeous is icing. That it makes you look like an amateur is a big plus; it’s easier to be unnoticed. If you need to look like the man and take the D3 and 70-200 2.8 so be it (sometimes the client needs to feel reassured) Man – give me a month walking around in Venice with this thing.

  • Richard


    Interesting, first quick reviews of X100 image quality are not good!!

    • Simon

      Hmm… I wonder why Ken’s dissing on it? Those look nice to me. And he’s the guy who says sharpness doesn’t mattter etc. I would have thought that he would comment on the ergonomics if anything…

    • hobo

      Ken’s dissing the camera probably to take a contrarian approach, and drive up traffic to his site (he’s no dummy). Ken has a very strong opinion about a camera but has yet to see, test, shoot with it, or see the RAW output. He is relying on internet photos–that’s like buying a car from internet pictures, without test-driving it.

      He shoots only jpegs, so he throw away 80-95% of the file info. Perhaps it’s because he likes ultra-bright, hyper-realistic consumer type colors, and those are just not on the samples. I don’t think he gets the purpose and intent of the camera. He is entitled to his opinion, but I surely think he’s wrong.

      Time will tell.

  • That is a beautiful camera. 🙂

  • john doe

    All images shot at ISO 200. No high iso shots at all. Shows a real lack of confidence from fuji in their own product.. At the silly price they’re pushing this camera at, it better perform like one of the latest generation dslr’s at high iso. But I guess it doesn’t, since they don’t want to show any high iso at all.

    • hobo

      There were a series of pics recently posted (and since removed at Fuji’s request) on an european website showing high iso pics, and IMHO they looked good–as good as D90 or better. But it’s hard to evaluate jpegs (too dependent on NR, downsampling, etc.)–we’ll have to wait for RAW and testing. Can’t wait til March!

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