Something exciting is coming from Fuji in Fall of 2011 (Fuji S6?)

The FujiGuys just posted this cryptic tweet about something exciting coming from Fuji in Fall '11. Fuji S6 maybe? I'm all ears!

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  • Chris P

    If it is, at last, a FX version of the S5, perhaps based on the, if rumours are to be believed, soon to be replaced D700 body, then it will be more than exciting, it will be bloody fantastic!

    • Panfruit

      That would be majorly squeeworthy.

  • broxibear

    “#Fuji is listening… I am excited… Fall ’11”
    I don’t know who exactly they’re listening to, but to me it sounds as if Fuji are about to go mirrorless with interchangable lenses along with Canon and Nikon ?
    Is anyone else getting bored with these “crtyptic” messages/leaks ?…If you’ve got something to say then spit it out, otherwise zip it lol !

    • I am not sure that they will go that path after the X100, but everything is possible. I think there is a better chance that we will see a X200 rather than a Fuji interchangeable lens camera.

      • broxibear

        That’s a bit risky considering they don’t know how well the X100 will sell?
        The X100 is a very desirable camera but £1000 is a lot…but I don’t think many will pay that much for it.

      • S6

        I recall reading that if Fuji continued with DSLR’s in the future they would use something other than F mount–have you heard any news about this?

  • anon

    X101: 24, 28 or 50mm equivalent lens

  • amein

    Fuji FF rangefinder. This would be something.

  • CRB

    Fuji evil….i place my bets…

  • außerirdischegesund

    Fuji M-mount rangefinder with hybrid finder?

  • hobo

    My guess:

    1. Black X100
    2. Interchangeable lens X100 type body

  • broxibear

    Unboxing of the retail box X100 here if anyone’s interested
    Is it a £1000 box lol ?

    • Bondi Beach

      Oooh! A box in a box! That has -got- to be worth $1,200!

  • Manuel

    I don’t expect a new DSLR from Fuji, and I can’t imagine what could be exiting about it. Fuji has been a lame duck in this area for so many years, and they don’t seem to have much in store. And why should they try?

    What really appeals to me is the idea of außerirdischegesundM-mount rangefinder with hybrid finder.

  • Yep,
    I think something is coming this year.
    The Fuji rep was in our store – Melbourne, Australia on Thursday.
    She was tellin us about the new compact range and mentioning how many X100s were coming.

    Two of us asked her about possible SLRs (eg S6 orwhatever).
    She simply said “not at the moment”. However, the smile given during the comment was almost one of those ‘wink, wink’ watch this space smiles.
    Certainly, even being a cynic, I and the manager got the impression that she was hinting something big is on its way.

    • Zaph

      “and mentioning how many X100s were coming”

      Roughly how many were coming? 🙂

      • Zaph

        And more importantly, when, and for how much in Australia?

        • Zaph

          Find an article on X100 availability in Australia – March & $1299 RRP. That’s pretty good compared to most pricing vs the US ($1195). I think I’ll have to wait until July to pick one up.

  • Please be an F-mount F6.

  • Chris P

    Quote “I don’t expect a new DSLR from Fuji, and I can’t imagine what could be exiting about it. Fuji has been a lame duck in this area for so many years, and they don’t seem to have much in store. And why should they try?”

    Because the results from the S5 I had, and accidentally damaged beyond repair, have never been matched as regards dynamic range, colour and highlight detail by the D700 I bought to go FX; nor by the results I have seen published from either Canon or Nikon.

    I would add that I don’t think we will ever see such a camera because Nikon know, and Canon as well come to that, that if such a camera did appear they will lose most of the wedding/portrait market within months, if not weeks.


    • lorenzino

      Nikon did not lose customers with Fuji S1-2-3-5, and certainly would not lose customers with a hypothetical S6. On the contrary, as any wedding photog. would like to have a second camera to use with the same lenses. Lenses would be Nikon mount, hence the second camera as well.

  • MartinF

    Would like to see a mirrorless Fuji, some fast lenses, good EVF, AND the great colours, DR and JPEG engine the past S-PROs had!!

  • Regular

    Certainly an increment of the X100, based on the feedback page of the official product site.

    As the main negative comment was lack of manual focus, I guess the next product would be a real rangefinder camera based on X100 specifications.

    • Regular

      Or a new version of Fuji’s Natura film camera.

  • Igorek7

    I would not keep my hopes too high. FujiGuys would be happy with a compact “advanced” P&S camera with the 1/1.6″ EXR sensor similar to Panasonic LX5.

    • Steve

      I would be happy with that too.

  • I would love a 35mm lens FF Fuji Natura with superfast autofocus. That would be a killer at almost any price.

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