Canon patents new 300mm f/4 lens

Canon filed a patent in Japan for a new 300mm f/4 lens:

For comparison, here is the current Canon EF300mm F4L IS USM design (1997):

Patent details:

  • Patent Publication: 2011-27864
  • Release date: 02/10/ 2011
  • Filing date: 07/23/2009
  • Focal length: 294.00mm
  • Aperture: 4.14
  • Angle of view: 8.24°
  • Image circle: 43.28mm
  • Total lens length: 245.03mm
  • Back focus: 86.14mm

Via Egami

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  • Discontinued

    I never knew that Canon’s 300 with IS came from 1997.

    Such a lens from Nikon is constantly on the wish list of some NR readers … and it still is in 2011. Oh well, never mind. It’s just 14 years and wild life togs are supposed to be used to waiting, aren’t they?

    • Glo

      I wish they’d make a 300-500/4 VR.

      • Perhaps it’ll turn out to be twice as heavy as the 200-400 f/4 😮

      • Gareth

        first you take the 500 f4, then you add zoomability from 300, fixed aperture and you are looking at a monster of a lens maybe the size and price of the 600 f4. thats why they dont make one.

        as for nikon needing a 300 f4. you wouldn’t say that if you had a 300 2.8.

        • Sky

          I still would say that…. it depends on price.

        • Jeff

          “as for nikon needing a 300 f4. you wouldn’t say that if you had a 300 2.8.”

          They target two different price ranges in overlapping crowds. Any nature photographer knows that. When birding at 400ish you’re generally not shooting wider than f/4 and much of the time stopped down even more. So the extra cost and weight of the 2.8 aren’t really warranted. The 300 2.8 is great, but not really needed for many uses.

    • plug

      Nikon….take the hint, this is a lens you should be producing.

  • der_kafer

    My grandson will be able to shoot with a 80-400afs and 300 / 4 VR.

    • DolphLundgren

      Your grandsone, yes … if you’re something like 5 years old …

  • Just A Thought

    Why sit around waiting. The Sigma 100-300mm F4 is available in Nikon Mount (and Pentax and Sony and Canon). Check the reports on this lens – resolves as well as Prime lenses. Priced well under $2,000 brand new. Can find used on eBay for well under $1,000. No need to wait. Problem solved. Think of it as a prime 300mm f4, plus you get a superb 100-300mm zoom included for free. Yes, I know sigma discontinued it, but plenty of new stock still sitting dealers shelves. Compared the results of the Sigma–review

    • Sky

      Zoom =/= Prime.

  • Scales USA

    What is remarkable about this patent is that it uses electro optics to stabilize the image.

    This is a concept that no one has yet actually used in a product, and I don’t expect to see it in use in a Canon lens soon. Even though they give a 300mm lens as a example, it should work with other long telephoto lenses as well.

    Replacing that moving IS unit with a solid state one might be a reliability improvement.

    Here is a english translation of the original.

    An electro optics element which constitutes said a part of optical system and from which internal refractive index distribution changes with the electro optic effects according to voltage impressed.

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