Pentax K-r Rilakkuma limited edition camera

Today Pentax announced in Japan the Rilakkuma limited edition K-r camera. Only 1000 pieces will be released on July 8th, 2011 for the price of 94,500 Yen (around 1150 USD). Rilakkuma is a popular bear character in Japan.

More images:

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  • deer

    Pentax is a joke…

    • OMR

      OMG, you are right.

    • MrRifleman

      are you aware that pentax does these japan only limited editions all the time?? and if they were such “a joke,” don’t you think they wouldn’t sell any and would eventually stop making them? no, you don’t think that, because you didn’t consider the BIGGER picture.

      • Bigus Dickus

        well if you look at their market share, they indeed dont sell any. anything beyond statistical error*.

        *random noob dude comes to photo shop, asks for camera better then P&S he had, dumb retailer hands him pentax, tells that price is 300Eur under normal price, limited edition cool. noob buys it

        • MrRifleman

          except this would never happen, because a camera in japan wouldn’t be 300Eur under normal price, because this is a japan only camera, and they don’t use the euro in japan. and again, if they didn’t sell any, do you think they’d still make these japan only limited editions? (did i mention that they sell VERY well in japan?)

        • Noobs just buy brands they know from television like Nikon and Canon. Doesn’t make it a bad brand, but there will be more noobs. More pros too. People who buy Pentax do a lot of research before stepping into the system. It is a niche but very good brand.

          This special edition would only sell in Asia. Other camera’s like the white and red K-r and K-x are quite populair in Europe. I would love to buy the Silver K5.

          • hobo

            keep deluding yourself.

    • I think this is great! Pentax is a great company. Even though I don’t use them myself, I always liked their products. If they had a full-frame line and a tilt-shift wide lens I would consider committing to their system.

      Anyway this camera is beautiful and I am absolutely sure all of them will be sold very quickly.

    • Panfruit

      For a consumer-oriented fun camera this is entirely acceptable and kind of cool. 😛 Not that I know what Rilakkuma is, but that they offer so much choice in color styles and such on low-end models really is rather nifty. I don’t see how you can take issue with that? 😛

  • OMR

    I want the YOGI BEAR limited edition of the K-5.
    Anyone knows the release date?

    Than you all.

    • OMR


  • Jason

    i want a sponge bob version!!

  • devorama

    THIS is why Pentax does better in Japan than in the US. 🙂 As a Rilakkuma fan, I like this.

  • ZDP-189

    A pedo-bear camera? Seriously?

  • Axel

    Incredibly, I’m without words.

  • The color is horrible. Maybe is nice for the bear, not for a photographic camera. 🙂

  • To everyone who’s laughing at Pentax for the colourful cameras such as the one above, consider this. I walked past a camera shop in Hong Kong with a few female friends last month. The first camera that caught their eye was the Pentax P&S that has the Lego-ish things on it (you’ve probably seen it being laughed at before), the next one was a pink Pentax K-r. This was a storefront full of Canon, Nikon, even Leica.

    These kind of things may not appeal to western men, but young asian women are not looking for another black, masculine camera, apparently.

    Also, the Canon 1100D is now available in red. I guess that makes their 1DmIV worthless then.

    • ZDP-189

      They attract Asian women? In a store window or hung around my neck?

  • You may judge me for not being tolerant, but that camera really looks like diarrhea-blasted item in the lavatory pan.

    • Mike

      LOL +1! I was thinking it, you said it! 🙂

  • Camaman

    Japanese are such big kids!:-)
    Gotta love their look on life!

  • Pentax knows what they’re doing to some extent. In markets outside the US they do well enough to stay afloat. Plus have you seen the dynamic range they pull out of their sensors? It’s nuts. They’re nice camera overall.

    I’d rather see a cutesy Pentax SLR than a snob Leica special edition suited only for the Franklin Mint catalog.

  • Mike

    They should have made the brown sections fuzzy… like a stuffed toy bear.

    • Panfruit

      Tickle Me Pentax

  • ZDP-189

    I asked my pretty young (7yo) Asian daughter what she thought of the camera pictured above and she said: I like the lens, but it’s a bit slow. The button looks easy to press, too. I’m not sure about the colour. She’s a chip off the old block!

  • mmv

    arigato gozadimas but no arigato gozadimas for me

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