Fuji X100 update

Here are the latest Fuji X100 updates from a recent Q&A session:

  • The APC CMOS EXR sensor in the X100 is produced by Fuji
  • It took Fuji two years to develop the X100
  • X100 focusing speed is 0.16 seconds
  • Fuji is currently examining the option of developing an interchangeable lens camera
  • Fuji expects to sell 100,000 X100 cameras in the next 12 months

The Silkypix software (included with the X100) will be available for both Windows and Mac.

You can also see some processed X100 RAW files in this dpreview thread.

Currently only Amazon is taking Fuji X100 pre-orders, US shipments should start in the next 1-3 weeks. The X100 is already shipping in Japan.

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  • ZDP-189

    This has got to be the best digital system ever designed.

  • asdasd

    come to me baby

  • Soeren Engelbrecht

    10 million X100 cameras in one year ?? Surely, you’re joking !! There must be some misunderstanding or mis-translation…

    • Mistranslation. Try 100,000. And even that’s going to be a bit ambitious for Fujifilm, I think. Surely there’s the demand for that, but I’m not convinced they can make that many quick enough.

      Also, note that since this is a special one-off sensor, 100k units means that the sensor costs are very high on this camera, even with an APS sensor.

      • Andrew Roos

        A 12.3 MP CMOS sensor 23.6 mm x 15.8 mm with 4288 x 2848 resolution gives me sens’a deja vue. On Fuji’s X100 website they say that “FUJIFILM has customised an APS-C size 12.3 megapixel CMOS sensor for the FinePix X100”. I suspect it’s based on the Sony IMX021 which may make costs reasonable since the IP of the IMX021 can probably be licensed fairly cheaply now that it’s no longer used in current Nikon cameras (at least when the D90 runs out) and the customisation may only have the microlens to give better performance for a widish lens with short backfocus and hence high angle of incidence.

  • Axel

    Those are some beautiful images from the x100.

  • jiamflash

    To Admin, the article says 100,000 unit sworld wide and 20,000 units in china

    • then Google must be translating it wrong, this is what I see:

      Q26: the expected sales figures have it?
      A26: We hope that within the next year, global sales to reach 10 million units. China sales reach 2 million units.

    • unless they are talking about total amount of Fuji cameras sold, not only for the X100 (but the Q&A is for X100 only)

    • ZDP-189

      The figure is 100,000, not 10 million.

      Google translates 萬/万 ‘Maan’ as 1 million, but it should be 10,000. Go into Google translate. Type ‘ten thousand’ into the box and translate it to Chinese; you get 萬 (traditional) or 万(simplified). Translate “million” and you get the same thing. Translate 萬 or 万 back into English and you get ‘million’. I imagine a great many business deals have gone awry this way.

      • thanks ZDP-189, I updated the post

  • camaman

    10 million x $1000 = $WTF ! ! !

    • unless they are talking about 10 million in revenue, not units

  • brkl

    Reading babel fish translations and not questioning them is perhaps not the best idea. The EXR-CMOS sensor is the one Fuji compacts like F550 use, but X100 doesn’t.

  • asdf

    I also think there’s an error in the translation. I think the total number of all cameras (SLR, compact, phone) sold every year amounts to 100 millions – selling 10 millions of the X100 alone sounds exaggerated.

  • Tim Catchall

    10 million cameras at $1000 each – that’s $10bn in revenue, more than the iPad made Apple ($9.5bn)! Forget tablet computers, the future is retro-styled compact digital cameras! Buy Fuji stock now, the X100 is going to make them the biggest consumer electronics firm on the planet!

    Either that or there is an error in this post…

  • Any native speaker to give us a better translation?

  • Tim Catchall

    The problem is the google translation, not photorumors. The original states 10萬台, which is 10万台 in simpler characters or 100,000 units. Can’t believe that google translate can’t even recognize the character for 10,000.

  • eric k

    My Taiwanese native Chinese speaking girlfriend confirms that this- “10萬台” is 100,000.

  • John Bowen

    If they develop an interchangeable lens system with Nikon’s CLS, I will buy one for certain. This camera, not so much. 35mm is just too much of a “neither fish nor fowl” focal length for me.

    They better beat Nikon to the punch, though. If they don’t, Nikon will most likely get my money.

  • I barely wait to see this beautiful camera. 🙂

  • Sl

    I think google is translating, 100,000 x 100 = 10,000,000 units rather than ten thousand X100 cameras.

  • sgts

    highlights are blown out, it would be better to have the raw files to work with.

  • jay

    reading the original text, what he meant to say is hoping to sell 100,000 units, and out of the 100,000, 20,000 would be sold in China.

    – considering interchangeable lens system for x100
    – considering high-end DSLR
    – when asked if Super CCD is dead, he said everything is still under consideration

  • Jason Hendriks

    Henry’s in Canada is also taking pre-orders, and as a first, has matched the U.S. list price in Canadian dollars.

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