FujiFilm acknowledges delays in X100 shipments, promises urgent production capacity Increase

FujiFilm X100 accessories (credit: FujiFilm)

Today FujiFilm Japan posted an official statement about a potential delay with the shipments of the FinePix X100 camera, the LC-X100 leather case and the dedicated lens hood LH-X100. FujiFilm promises urgent increase in their production capacity in order to meet the demand that has significantly surpassed their initial plans.

Google translation of Fuji's statement:

Apology for late delivery and Announcements

March 8, 2011
FUJIFILM Corporation

March 05, 2011 (Saturday) we started selling more "FinePix X100" "LC-X100" "LH-X100" is substantially more than your order you had planned quantity, production will catch up situation there now.

Increase our production capacity to take urgent, we will proceed to give top priority to deliver products to customers in response to an order received today.

Once again, we apologize to the great inconvenience and participants Our customers and business partners.

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  • ZDP-189

    I have this vision of an old guy in grey Bryll creamed hair and a grey pinstripe suit bowing in apology. No worries, I’ll wait.

    I actually called up the camera store today to chase up my pre-order, but they haven’t arrived in Hong Kong yet and they don’t even have a price.

  • Jon

    I suspect the interest in this camera exceeded their expectations and capacity plans.

  • Chris


  • Chris

    Acknowledges actually. 😛

  • chris

    do you remember the whiners who said the x100 would sit on the shelves? lol

    • ZDP-189

      +1 LOL

      • Glen Barrington

        +2 for the thought -1 for using “LOL”, time to retire that one! Hey, you’re still ahead!

  • I think FujiFilm will have to be very careful with production and price for this camera. 😀

  • sgts

    I held one in my hands today – the guy unwrapped it out of a silk lined black box – i’m not kidding – and it really is a beautiful camera, the viewfinder in particular is excellent – this is going to be very hard to get hold of in the short term, i’m not surprised at the level of demand now. Barring some sort of sensor disaster ( which is unlikely but the ccd would have been better and possibly leica destroying ) Fuji have hit a home run with this camera.

  • Mark

    The price was set too low it seems.

    • Glen Barrington

      This is the best thing that could have happened to this camera and to Fuji! (and in the long run to the consumer!)

      This will just increase the ‘buzz’, and raise the attention level of even the casual consumer. Who will then want one for no other reason than everyone else wants one. This drives even more people to buy one at rip off premium prices, and then all the other manufacturers will try to get something out to compete and to get a taste of that pie.

      We might even see the return of the viewfinder!

  • Steve McEnroe

    I wanted this camera for a trip to France in early May, but I can’t afford to order it now, with the chance that it won’t arrive before I leave. Bummer!

  • ZDP-189

    Expect further delays. The Fuji factory is in Sendai, near the quake epicentre. Tsunami damage is possible and major disruption likely. I did some internet digging and here is where I think the majors have their factory operations:

    Fujifilm: Sendai, Miyagi – not looking good
    Nikon: Sendai, Miyagi – not looking good
    Panasonic Lumix: Fukushima – OK (some minor quake injuries reported)
    Sigma: Aizu, Fukushima – OK
    Canon: Oita, Kyushu – OK
    Ricoh: Philippines – no worries
    Olympus: Guangdong, China – no worries
    Ricoh: Philippines – no worries
    Tamron: Foshan, China – no worries
    Pentax: Vietnam & Philippines – no worries
    Sony: Thailand – no worries

  • ZDP-189

    PS, not sure about Ricoh in Phils. Could be Taiwan/China.

  • ZDP-189

    See detailed reports from Amateur Photographer


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