Canon doesn’t need a mirrorless compact system camera

AP published a statement from Rainer Fuehres (head of Canon Consumer Imaging in Europe) that Canon doesn't really need a new mirrorless compact system camera since their current products are selling very well. He went further by saying that if Canon creates a new system camera, it will be something different:

"The idea of the compact system camera is nothing to do with whether the camera has a mirror or not, but about creating a small and more portable system. If Canon does take part I hope we won't introduce just a me-too product, but we'll use the opportunity to do something different."

Nikon executive made a similar statement last year. It seems that Nikon and Canon are taking their time and are planning to bring something different to the growing mirrorless market.

Canon recently filed a patent for what appears to be a lens adapter for a mirrorless camera:

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  • “The manufacturers that have introduced micro Four Thirds and mirrorless systems have been those that have failed to make a success of their mainstream digital SLR offerings”


    • Ha-ha! This is hilarious but true. I’m feeling sadness about Olympus that have made the best film SLRs and such a crappy digital ones.

    • Mistral75

      True; as true as: “The manufacturers that say they’ll do something different are those that feel they are late to the mirrorless market.

      • nobody

        nice one.

  • GH10

    I’m sure he didn’t have Sony in mind when he made these remarks.

  • Igorek7

    The financial advisers of Kodak and Polaroid had a similar attitude towards the digital cameras: Why should we invest on design of some new products while we are selling our film products so well? Where they are now?

  • It’s a whole different market segment.

    There’s a reason why BMW doesn’t sell minivans, just as there’s a reason why Honda does. And there’s a reason why Land Rover doesn’t have a family sedan.

    Sure they all drive and get you from point a to point b, but they’re suited for different environments, tastes, purposes etc.

    • That’s not a correct comparison, because your assumption that ‘It’s a whole different market segment’ simply isn’t true. A person shopping for a Canon Rebel might just as well buy a m43. Whereas a person who’s looking for a BMW sedan is never going to go for a minivan, and vica versa.

    • Greg Webb

      Actually…. Land Rover and Jaguar are organised as a single unit, so arguably they _d0_ produce a family sedan. And both are owned by the Tata group, which among other things makes small, cheap cars, so the overall corporate entity covers the bases through addressing different markets with different brands.

      Having said that…. I admit I’m currently yet to be convinced that mirrorless is a genuine win; stick an E-PL1 and a D3000 next to each other, both with basic kit zooms, and it’s far from obvious which is the ‘micro’ system camera.

  • Leuf

    I think the real reason is Canon and Nikon as the established leaders are in no hurry to speed up this segment of the market. Mirrorless cameras are a serious threat to the entry level dslr, and the entry level dslr is the bottom of the pyramid that their entire dslr business is built upon. What follows if you start to chop that out is anyone’s guess.

    Canon, Nikon, and Pentax have all said they only want to enter this market if they can do something different. There is little difference between Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, or Olympus dslrs. There is one form factor that works and they all use it. The systems as a whole are different. The same is true without the mirror.

  • Camaman

    They remind me of Microsoft…
    Except Canon can’t buy out competition with good ideas.

  • Mark

    Canon doesn’t need to go in and dominate yet another segment of the market. It would be nice though to have a good quality APS-C sensor mirrorless. Sony and Samsung just don’t make the cut. I was excited about Sony at first, but the ergonomics of the NEX cameras are horrible. Samsung is.. well it’s Samsung.

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