Zeiss 85mm f/2.0 T* ZM Sonnar lens to be discontinued?

A reader sent me a tip that the Zeiss 85mm f/2.0 T* ZM Sonnar lens is no longer listed on zeiss.com website:

Maybe a replacement will be announced soon?

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  • dino

    My take here is that Zeiss has to review its policy here.
    They offered a superb optic but at the expense of a Leica lens and probably people decided either for an used Summicron 90 ( at 1/3 – 1/4 of the price ) or for a genuine Apo Summicron which is not much far from the price tag of Zeiss.
    So, either Zeiss is introducing an “Apo” version for the same lens, to justify the price ( I guess only a few samples were sold, much less than expected) or they are preparing a slower F/2.5 – F/2.8 version (with ALSO apo correction) for much less of the price.
    The Tessar 85/4 so well estimated for its optics and outdoor usage, has always been said to be too slow for serious portraiture (although SLRs would be a better option here). I tend to believe that a new lens will be released at a certain point further in time, although it will be equal or slower (but with APO) than current one.

  • regular

    Zeiss lenses are produced by Cosina, right?
    Do we have a status from Cosina factories after the Japanese earthquake?

    • pooh

      The 85/2 and the 15/2.8 are produced in Germany, hence the high price.

      If it’s truly discontinued, the existing samples of the Sonnar will definitely became collectors’ items commanding a fortune.

    • I have not seen any reports online about Cosina and how they are impacted by the earthquake

  • Artur Kozłowski

    I love those ol’ skool names – Sonnar, Distagon, Super-Angulon… Leica is still doing that too… Apo-Tessar – pure techno-poetry.

  • Would be nice if they made a f1.4 but I have a feeling it willt be a f2.8, as this is a hard lense to make, hence made in Germany, not by Cosina. This is a great lense, on the “big” side for a Leica lense, but wonderfully sharp. I just hope they don’t abandon the “Leica” lense now that they are making cines.

    Zeiss needs to re-evaluate their Lecia line and start making f1.4s……ie, 35mm f1.4.

  • I wrote an email to Zeiss Germany, and they replied that the lens is currently not available. Wow! I didn’t notice that! So no official statement it seems.

  • Laurance

    I would like to know who actually carries this, as so far I have not found it anywhere.

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