Sigma patents 500mm f/4 lens

Sigma filed a patent in Japan for a new 500mm f/4 lens. Sigma currently has a 500mm f/4.5 EX DG APO HSM model that was announced back in 2005:

Patent details:

  • Patent: 2011-70043
  • Patent filing date: Sept 28, 2009
  • Focal length: 489.9938
  • Aperture: 4.1004
  • Angle of view: 5.0498 °
  • Back Focus 90.3449mm


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  • King Of Swaziland

    Hopefully they rejigger this a little to include OS.

  • J Vella

    Who will make f= 5.6 telephoto? That will be affordable and more portable…. There are many sunny countries around the world!

    • Global

      + 20

      The f/4 lines are not exactly affordable tele-prime arena. Your other choices are “zooms”, which by their nature are also expensive. But what about just a nice prime 500 or 600 f/5.6 VR?

      Sigma is really trying to capture the Nikon lenses these days………..

      • AB

        600mm 5.6 OS would be nice.

  • +1 This really needs stabilisation.

  • Bob Howland

    They can specify the focal length to seven significant digits and the aperture/f-stop to five, but they can’t actually make at it 500mm long or an f/4. How about a 499.938mm and f/4.010?

    • Global


  • chris

    490mm vs 500mm is only 1% ; )

    you can bet that a canon 600mm isnt exactly 600mm too.

    • chris

      typo.. it is 2%

      • EF specialist

        Also, f/4.1 is about 1/15 of a full stop, so no big deal here either 🙂

  • mmv

    if the optics are up to par and os why not price should be much lower than canon or nikon just dont use chinese glass

  • I wish I could afford this one.. I currently own a 300mm F4. I think 500mm F5.6 is not bad at all. 🙂

    To me weather resistant is more important than OS, since my body is weather resistant too.

  • Yeah, some nice affordable f/5.6 super tele primes would be KEY.

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