Sony NEX C3, a35, 30mm Macro lens and NEX flash to be announced on June 3rd, 2011




On June 3rd, 2011 Sony will announce the following new products:

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  • bordsteinschwalbe

    the nex 3 startet june2010
    the c3 is one year later
    but what is with the nex 5 ?
    also startet june 2010!
    no successor?

  • grumps

    For the lack of e-mount primes, I find the release of the 30mm macro in front of other lenses a disappointment, I hope some high quality fast primes follow shortly!

    I also hope this new flash can rotate vertically for some more creative use. Besides, why can they allow some rotation as well. Is it really that hard?

    Yeah it’s a grumpy comment after all!

    • bordsteinschwalbe

      nex 7 + 24mm zeiss is all you need.

      • grumps

        …actually the 24mm zeiss is all I need :p

      • If you’re talking about the ZA 24mm f/2… for that size I rather take my FF DSLR and a 35 f/2.8 instead and it’ll do the job better too.

        • bordsteinschwalbe

          no i am talking about the 24mm sony zeiss af nex lens.
          god, i hope it will come before my vacation….
          if not, i will take the elmarit 28mm asph with an m adapter.

  • Nau

    how would you even use 30mm macro>???

    • WT21

      That’s my question. OK as a macro, but not much else. It’s too slow for a nice, fast 50 (equivalent). It’s not long enough to double for portrait (ala Canon 100/2.8). What’s the use other than dedicated macro at 30mm. seems they should have considered more like a 60mm macro (or longer) if they had to do macro. Then you could use it for other purposes.

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