Sony NEX C3 vs. NEX 3 vs. NEX 5 vs. Olympus E-PL2 vs. Panasonic GF2 size comparison

An interesting size comparison diagram between the upcoming Sony NEX C3 with the NEX 5, NEX 3, Olympus E-PL2 and Panasonic GF2 cameras:

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  • At these sizes only the lenses (+ any adapters) used decide which system is more portable.

    • sadasd

      yep and they are all huge.
      go go X100

      • X101

        even the X100 is not small at all, I was a little “shocked by the size” when I first saw it

        anyway, thank you (admin) for the great info
        unlike NikonRumor which only have made up, dreamt up and useless posts

        keep up the great work 🙂

        • If you’re comparing the X100 to a Nex-5 with a similar lens attached, it’s not really any bigger at all.

  • kururu

    no giveaway from NEX?

  • GF3, where are thou?

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