Sony announces a new 16.15MP Super HAD CCD sensor

Sony introduced a new high-resolution 1/2.3 16.15MP color CCD sensor ICX682SQW (diagonal 7.757 mm) for consumer digital still cameras that supports high-definition television (equivalent to 720/30p) imaging and continuous capturing high-sensitivity still images.

ICX682SQW specs:

  • Diagonal 7.757 mm (Type 1/2.3) 16.15M effective pixels
  • Pixel size: 1.34 µm unit pixel
  • Vertical eight-field readout
  • Horizontal divided into fourths output
  • Horizontal 2-phase drive

From the press release:

"In addition to the needs for even higher resolution in consumer digital still camera market, there are also increasing needs for improved high ISO sensitivity and wider dynamic range. Sony has now used unique fine pixel fabrication technologies and has developed these to create the ICX682SQW 1.34 µm unit pixel CCD image sensor, which achieves the industry's top class of image sensor characteristics while maintaining a high pixel count. This CCD image sensor also achieves high-definition television (equivalent to 720/30p) video imaging and high-sensitivity continuous still imaging (4.04M pixels, 5.046 frame/s)."

Detailed product information can be found on Sony's official website (PDF file).

Via DCViews

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  • Global

    Would this be better for the Nikon D400 than the 16MP CMOS sensors in the D7K/5100?

    • CRB

      From my understanding is for compact cameras (1/2.3 size)

    • El Aura

      Not really, this is a much smaller sensor, it has a diagonal of 7.8 mm, the DX of the D7000 has a diagonal of 29 mm.

      • Global

        Thanks for the clarifications!

        Always nice to “overtly” know how the rumors might affect the market — being that many are rather technical.

  • So does anyone else think this is what’s going in the new Pentax?

    • This was the first thought that came to my mind as well–a new 1/2.3″ sensor with some degree of IQ/performance improvement. Would make sense that the very best 1/2.3″ sensor available would appear in a mini system camera (ambitious with interchangeable lenses).

      I think such a sensor doesn’t necessarily have to compete directly with APS/C or 4/3–needs to compete with current 1/1.6-1.8″ sensors.

  • This might well affect Coolpix cameras eventually.

  • SF_Strider

    The Samsung CMOS in my Samsung DC is doing this from one year ago. Now it is the CCD. I think its cost will be lower than CMOS one

    The CCD is for the consumer DC. I don’t expect this CCD will use on some DC like P300 nor HX9V.

  • Jason

    Just some thing for admin. Title has “16.15 PM” isn’t it MP? haha

  • “…The needs for even higher resolution in consumer digital…” Hahahahahahaha. Oh, marketing reps, you sly devils.

  • amien

    CCD = no rolling shutter

  • Camaman

    To bad it is not 20MP
    I really need a compact that can shoot 25MB raw files…

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