Sony a290, a390 and a850 DSLR cameras to be discontinued

Sony will officially discontinue the full frame a850 camera this summer, two years after its official announcement. Back in May B&H already listed the camera as discontinued. AP claims that the reason for the a850 departure is "because the 24.6MP camera is too similar in specification and price to the flagship Alpha 900 model". Interestingly enough, the Sony a900 (announced in 2008) was recently listed as discontinued as well on Sony’s Hong Kong website. There were some rumors that Sony may completely abandon their full frame DSLR cameras.

The a290 and a390 models (announced last year) are no longer in production.

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  • Discontinued

    “There were some rumors that Sony may completely abandon their full frame DSLR cameras.”

    Hopefully not. There isn’t much competition left. Bad for all FF-togs, no matter which brand they currently favor.

    • asdasd

      actually not.
      sony released really really nice camera (except that crap flash mount) with best sensor (except at higher iso against D3x) at price lower then any (even worse) full frame and nobody bought it.
      It is sad world, but canikon can do whatever they want and people keep buying it.

  • It’s sony… What else is new?

  • T3

    They are preparing to release a new FF model(s). According to Sony history, the model is discontinued for a year or two, then the new model debuts late in the game. I hope I’m correct. Otherwise, all these FF lenses that they recently introduced just doesn’t fit with the subject here.

  • Sony said there will always be at least one full frame camera in their alpha lineup so the rumor that Sony is out of the full frame game can be put to rest. Here’s the article about it on dpreview.

  • Pal

    There is no reason to believe that Sony does abandon the FF segment.
    But the next models is not expected before mid or even late next year.
    And it’s believed that A850 and A900 are out of production and everything sold now is old stock.
    Since the A850 was released the sales for A900 probably haven’t been great.
    So there could be a more or less big stock left over.

    Anyways it would be bad if at some moment the A900 is out of stock and the new model is not available.
    And people will again bring up that bad rumour…

    It’s a bit strange that Sony seems to not make a super cheap entry level model anymore.
    The A35 is quite a bit higher priced than A290 was or D1100 and 3100D are.

  • pavel

    People are buying Canikon because they have whole system and are clearly standing behind their products (FF). Sony (or rather Minolta) was making great bodies but the system and since Sony took over even the bodies are just not as good as Canikon. I know, because I used to own Minolta and at that time, the bodies were just better than Canikon. But when I wanted to buy any better lenses, they even didn’t exist at all or were impossible to get. The same about accessories.
    Minolta was small but Sony is huge and has to money to commit to the system. And if they do, they need to show it and be consistent in it…. But they’re far from it 🙁

  • zeissgit

    Lets have more FF pro-cameras Sony!!!!! 😛 Zeizz in an autofocus pro-SLR system + hi-rez is UNBEATABLE!! note the dynamic range of the A900 was as good as the Nikon D3X —— they’re sony’s sensors!

  • bring back minolta

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