Canon updates

  • Canon is building new plants in Taiwan to meet growing DSLR demand.
  • Canon Australia announced a new limited edition Red EOS 1100D Kit.
  • Similar to Nikon, a major product announcement is expected from Canon in August (1Ds Mark IV and three lenses).
  • The Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens is the best selling lens in Japan for the month of May, 2011 according to BCNranking.
  • Canon filed a patent (2011-107313) in Japan for a 50mm f/2.8 90mm f/2.8 35mm f/2.8 lenses:

50mm f/2.8

Focal length: 50.20mm
Aperture: 2.90
Half angle of view: 23.32°
Image height: 21.64mm
Total lens length: 84.64mm
Back Focus: 40.01mm
Maximum magnification factor: -0.950

90mm f/2.8

Focal length: 90.40mm
Aperture: 2.90
Half angle of view: 17.90°
Image height: 29.20mm
Total lens length: 117.18mm
Back Focus: 65.43mm
Maximum magnification factor: -0.480

35mm f/2.8

Focal length: 35.20mm
Aperture: 2.90
Half angle of view: 31.58°
Image height: 21.64mm
Total lens length: 102.44mm
Back Focus: 40.10mm
Maximum magnification factor: -0.480

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  • kaze kaze

    first in?

    the 50 looks like macro lens… and what’s with 90 image height of 29.2mm?

    • Liber

      Tilt-shift lens?

      • In that case it’d only allow +/-8.6mm shifts. Which is a bit less than the usual +/- 12mm shifts. I’m inclined to think that the lens design naturally results in a relatively large image cirlcle.

  • Les

    The 50 is a macro (max magnification close to 1:1), the 90 is likely tilt-shift.

    What’s with the 2.8/35? It’s very complex for the specifications. Maybe it’s considered a macro on APS-C.

  • Craig Houdeshell

    f/2.8 lenses. Yeah! WTF.

    • The problem with the current L primes is they’re optimised for fast apertures (and they should be because they’re fast primes). At smaller apertures they’re not much better than L zooms (e.g. in CA, etc.).

      It’s good to see Canon giving us an option like Leica does.

  • Keopele

    I’d love Nikon to update some 2.8 lenses, especially some wide angles like 18 and 24. They’d be smaller, lighter, and more affordable. I’d even love it if they went slower to f4. An update to the legendary 20mm f4 would be awesome.

    • Axel

      Except by the time they take off the aperture ring, it adds a few hundred dollars to the cost. No thanks. I’ll stick with my old lenses for now.

  • Just A Thought

    Hmmm going from one earthquake prone zone (Japan) to another earthquake prone zone (Taiwan)…..

    Might I suggest a better option would be to build in Russia. Few Earthquakes and they have the largest known oil reserves in the world – unlike Taiwan…..Labour would be cheap. Transport infrastructure is well established. One would be able to build a horizontal factory. In Taiwan the factories are in vertical towers like office and apartment towers.

    Also building in Taiwan does not do good things for China/Japan relations. The Chinese seem not have have forgotten what happened to Shanghai and much of China under the Japanese occupation forces of WWII. All it would take is one idiot elected in Taiwan declaring independence and the Chinese could flatten Taiwan. They might even relish flattening any Japanese plants built there….payback is a bitch when your previous arch enemy has a long memory and no desire to forgive past transgressions…..

    • If China flattens Taiwan then there’ll be bigger problems than Canon loosing a factory, don’t you think? Things aren’t like to take place that way.

      And what if they don’t? Taiwan’s strong in electronics so in that sense it makes a lot more sense than Russia.

    • ilya

      Russia is completely out of the question, trust me on that one. Cheap labor and flat surfaces sound good, but everything else (import duties on parts, quality of local workforce, infrastructure, etc etc) just makes it an impossibility.

  • Just A Thought

    Could the Nikon Aug announcement be an announcement letting everyone know that they wanted to inform everyone that there will be a future announcement?????

    Put me down for a Canon 5D MK3 and a new mk3 version of the 50mm EF lens this summer…I dunno about a 1DSMk4, but might there be sibling for the 5D MK3???? Say something between a 7D and 5D and FF????

  • I have a very sharp Canon EF 50mm f/2.5 Macro lens. I bought it to use as a macro lens, but after realising how good it was I now also use it as a general normal prime. It’s an incredibly sharp lens with no distortion. Optically, I’d say it ranks among my L-lenses. it’s a favourite.

    If I could trade away a tiny amount of aperture (f/2.5-f/2.8) and get any of the following, I’d sell my lens and buy the f/2.8:

    Faster focus
    Closer focus (greater magnification)
    More compact construction

  • J-Man

    I wonder if they will be just as disposable as the 50/1.8mkII?

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