New Nissin Di866 MARK II flash

Recently Nissin announced a new Di866 MARK II flash priced at $349 for Nikon/Canon and $329 for Sony. Some of the highlights are a sub flash, quieter operation, service terminal for firmware updates and more:


  • Usable camera : Canon digital camera, Nikon digital camera, Sony digita camera
  • Guide Number (ISO100) : 60m, 198ft. (105mm), 40m, 132ft. (35mm)
  • Focal length Coverage : 24~105mm (18mm with wide angle diffuser)
  • Power Source : 4 x AA battery
  • Recycle Time : 0.1-5.5 sec. (Alkaline, NiMH)
  • Number of Flashes : 150-1500 times
  • Flash Duration : Manual mode 1/300 (Full Power) , TTL mode 1/300-1/30000 sec.
  • Energy Saving : Auto power off  Off, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60 mins
    Stand-by mode  30 sec.
    Display off  Display screen switch off
  • Color Temperature : 5600K
  • Flash Power Control System : Full Auto E-TTL, E-TTL II (for Canon), i-TTL/i-TTL-BL (for Nikon), ADI/P-TTL(for Sony), Ev compensation adjustment on camera
    TTL E-TTL, E-TTL II (for Canon), i-TTL/i-TTL-BL (for Nikon),ADI/P-TTL(for Sony) [Advanced] Ev compensation, Manual zoom, Sub-flash allowed
    Auto Aperture Flash F1.4-F16 (ISO100), 1/3 Ev steps, [Advanced] Manual zoom, Sub-flash allowed
    Manual Power Full-1/128, 1/3Ev steps, [Advanced] Manual zoom, Sub-flash allowed
    Multi-flash Frequency-90Hz, 1-90 times, Power 1/8-1/128
  • Wireless Remote flash Slave:
    Slave Digital Slave / Film Slave, [Advanced] Sub-Flash Allowed
    Wireless TTL Master / Remote, 4 Channels,  3 Groups (A, B, C)[RMT, RMT2 for Sony], Modes: Off/ TTL/ Manual, TTL Flash Ratio Adjustable
  • Ev Compensation on flash : -0.3 - +3.0, 1/3Ev steps
  • My TTL setting :  -0.3 - +3.0, 1/3Ev steps
  • Bounce Function : Upward 90 degree, Left 90 degree, Right 180 degree
  • Sub-flash: Manual Full - 1/128, 1Ev steps
  • FE/FV Lock : [FEL] OR [*] Button for Canon, [AE-L] OR [AF-L] for Nikon
  • Rear curtain sync. : Yes
  • High speed sync. : Yes
  • Red eye reduction mode for Nikon: Yes
  • Slow sync. mode for Nikon: Yes
  • Red eye reduction mode + Slow sync. mode for Nikon : Yes
  • AF assist light distance : 0.7-10m
  • Operation Control mode : Color Display (Auto Rotation)
  • Firmware Update Terminal : USB
  • X terminal : Yes
  • External power pack socket : Nissin Power Pack PS-300, Canon original pack, Nikon original pack (except Nikon SD-9), Sony original pack
  • Accessories : Soft Pouch, Flash Stand with Tripod screw
  • Dimension : 134 x 74 x 110 mm
  • Weight : 380gr. w/o battery


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  • Artur Kozłowski

    This Nissin logo looks a lot like Nikon’s, accidentally?

  • Tony Bologna

    Wireless slave? Think it will work with Nikon’s CLS? Expected price?

  • taurui

    I don’t see the changes compared to the mk1 version

  • benjamin

    nissin makes cup noodles… =P

    • Ben

      LOL. That’s totally different company.

  • Oliver

    I need to get my hands on one of those! Looks awesome. Talking ’bout the noodles btw 😉

  • This one looks promising as my second off camera strobe to be used with umbrella.

  • Ken Elliott

    I don’t get it. The price is HIGHER than BH’s price for a Nikon SB700. Why bother? I know Nikon’s flash will work correctly with Nikon’s cameras, but third party flashes have been known to have issues at times. And if I had problems with the Pocket Wizard FlexTT5, I know PW will resolve the issue if I’m using a Nikon flash, but they might not with a third party.

    What am I missing here?

    • taurui

      It’s the brightest speedlight on the market, that’s what you’re missing 🙂 and it does some thing the SB-700 doesn’t, for example TTL mastering or a sub flash.

      • Pdf Ninja

        The SB-700 can be a CLS commander, although it can only control 2 groups, not 3.

  • The color display doesn’t seem very appealing, I suspect it might suck battery power.

  • Yehey Parteh Parteh!

    Any recommendation?. Should I but Sb700 or Di866 or the new Di866 Mark 2? gonna use it mostly for School Events, Cosplay, and Toycon.

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