New Holga lenses for digital cameras

Holga have recently expanded their range of lenses for Digital Photographers. These low cost photographic lenses enable Digital SLR photographers to mount a Holga Lens to their digital camera bodies for creative effect. The new lenses available are summarized in the following table:

Model Code Camera Model Camera 


Focal Length Holga 

Fisheye Compatibility

HL-O Olympus SLR 60mm FEL-HL
HL-S Sony SLR 60mm FEL-HL
HL-P Pentax SLR 60mm FEL-HL
HL(W)-OP Olympus PEN Micro 4/3 25mm FEL-HLW
HL(W)-PLG Panasonic Lumix G Micro 4/3 25mm FEL-HLW
HL(W)-SN Sony NEX Mirrorless 25mm FEL-HLW
HL(W)-SSN Samsung NX Mirrorless 25mm FEL-HLW

The Holga Lenses for Digital Cameras have a focal length of 60mm for traditional SLR/DSLR cameras and 25mm for smaller formats (eg. Micro Four Thirds, Sony NEX, etc). All lenses have a fixed aperture of f/8.

Once mounted to a Digital Camera the Holga lenses enable the Digital Photographer to closely reproduce the characteristic Holga look previously only achievable using Holga film cameras. These products are designed to appeal to Digital Photographers who are interested in alternative creative photographic methods and images. No additional modification is required to the camera other than the mounting of the Holga Lens. The Holga characteristics visible from the resulting images display the vignetting and soft focus properties which Holga shots are famous for.

The standard Holga method of focusing (Zone Focus method) is employed as per the standard Holga film camera. In addition once the lens is mounted to a Digital SLR additional Holga lenses and accessories can be added for more creative effects. These include the Holga Wide Angle Lens (HW-05), Holga Telephoto Lens (HT-25), Holga Close-Up Lenses (CLS-1) and Holga Macro Lenses (MLS-1). In addition Holga have redesigned their Fisheye lens for use in conjunction with the Holga Lenses for Digital Cameras. For the larger format SLR/DSLR cameras the new Holga Fisheye Lens FEL-HL should be added to the front of the lens. For the smaller format cameras a new Holga Fisheye FEL-HLW is expected to be released in the upcoming few months.

About Holga Direct

HolgaDirect is a company based in Hong Kong specializing in Holga Cameras and Accessories. The aims of the company are to provide information and resources to existing Holga Photographers and those interested in this field of photography as well as hosting an online store for the purchase of Holga products.

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  • Mj

    No nikon or canon? Did they opt out or do these already exist?

  • In case you want to see some examples, I’ve put some on my photo blog:

    I ordered the Holga ‘ultimate lens kit’ a few weeks ago, got them last week and played a bit with them. They’re fun. 🙂 But they ask for a different kind of photography. E.g. exploiting the weaknesses of the lenses. BTW: the macro lens is not that bad at all…

    • PS: forgot to say that I use them on the Sony Nex 5.

  • thanks i will pass

  • nothing for canon??

    • Hi,

      Nikon and Canon mounts already previously existed and have been available for a while on the HolgaDirect site. This article outlines the new additions to this range of Holga lenses for Digital Cameras.

      Rick @ HolgaDirect

  • Axel

    Why not just use an Olympus… oops; did I say that out loud?

  • Alan

    Looks interesting – sign me up!

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